Dyson Sphere Program discussion thread

As well as in place upgrading and “chain upgrade/dismantle”.


I’m still binging this game to death. I’ve now gotten to the point where I’ve completed all the purple cube research and now started on a full scale Dyson Sphere. It takes a super amount of resources and time. I’ve also completely setup two whole systems worth of resources into my logistic network. Working on tapping the third system into the network. And still I think I need more for the sphere.

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35 hours later and I’m starting on automating green research cubes or whatever they’re called.

This game is literally 3D factorio in space… without the hostiles.
It’s like the devs are huge fans of Factorio and just made a game that’s a lot easier to pick up. A lot of the same systems exist in both games, DSP is just simplified and less headachey.

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Factorio with one more dimension and space logistics.

And a better tech tree, imo.
I only started on purple tech last night, really focussed on getting solid production of yellow first, and that took a while. Stupid oil.

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Yup. Things are just more rounded in almost every single way.
Some of the things I think it does better:

  • start with construction bots
  • no liquid pipes
  • you can make spaghetti belts
  • stacking buildings
  • trains replaced with much simplified long range transport
  • faster travel almost straight away, no vehicles
  • individual components are less resource intensive
  • upgrading your avatar through research
  • better belt splitters

Not saying this is better, just way better for beginners.

Agreed. I think Factorio has a better mid-game, and the automation obviously adds a different flavour. It’ll be different strokes for different folks, but I’m really impressed by this game. It really shines.