Dyson Sphere Program discussion thread

Do you like the complexity of Factorio but want a less isometric view and more colour?
Do you like Satisfactory but want to visit more than one planet?

Well then I have a game for you!!

Dyson Sphere Program is a recently released (in Early Access though) game that brings the complex factory building of Factorio, the colourful planetary verticality of Satisfactory into a third person mech-wielding automation simulator.

In DSP, you are tasked to build a massive Dyson Sphere around the local star within a procedural generated star cluster. This massive undertaking will require as many resources and elements as you can gather from all the different planets within the cluster. You pilot a mech that will run and fly around the cluster building massive automated factories.

Unlike other games of this nature, DSP let’s you build vertically as well as sprawling factories that covers the entire face of a planet.

The third person view gives you lots of creative freedom to explore the planets in close detail…

…all the way to a galactic scale…

Oh, and you want complexity, well you got it!! Check out some of the research trees…

…and here are some of the upgrades you can do to your mech…

The game is currently in Early access, but runs extremely well and does not seem to lack any obvious features or content. There is plenty for you to do and build.

And it’s cheap. At the moment it is going for R130 on Steam without any discount.

I highly recommend Dyson Sphere Program if you are in any way interested in these kind of games.


Oh no, there’s not enough time in a day…
I almost posted this ther other day, but you did a way better job :clap:


Well that settles it. I’ve already been tempted to get this but since you are the 4th or 5th person to recommend it - aside from the thousands recommending it on Steam.

I guess I’m left with no other choice :smile:


Enjoyed the bit I played so far, I’ve spend a huge amount of time in Factorio and Satisfactory, and I think this might end up going the same way. I just hope they add rebindable keys soon. The translations also need a LOT of work.


Sigh. There goes Feb.

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FOMO! But I know I just wont have the time :frowning:


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I agree the translation is horrible, but I find it endearing after hearing it for a while. But oh boy this game is amazing!

I’ve been playing it skelmpies during work hours, and wow the middel game gets intense. I managed to fly to a different planet. But getting the interplanetary logistics system up is rather expensive. Will need to refine some processes as well as my starter planet doesn’t have a lot of iron left.


I can say that the game makes one heck of a first impression! The scale is incredible as you fly in towards your starter planet, giving you a glimpse of how big this is all going to become.

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Updates from the devs on what will happen within the next few weeks:

What we are going to done before 11th February?

Quick Upgrade: You will be able to upgrade some of the buildings and conveyors by directly build (cover/overlap/displace) the higher grade facilities on the lower grade facilities, instead of demolish the lower grade one in advance.

Keybinding: It’s a very important function for many of you, engineers. We will finish it before 11th February .

Framework of logistics management system: A basic management framework will be setup to the logistics system . Of course, it will be still ‘basic’ at February that may only bring ‘basic’ logistic solution for you, such as the farthest transportation distance and the quantity requirement of delivering goods. The logistic system will be fleshed with the progress of game development in the future.

• A more detailed Game Development Roadmap will be published after Chinese New Year holidays . Tons of contents you are looking forward are included in it - such as “Combats”, “Assembly Space Platform”, “Workshops”, etc.


Fantastic! It’s my biggest issue right now.


Ffs @DieGrootHammer, look what you made me do.

I’m supposed to be writing a report, and all I can think of is how to set up my main bus. I might as well cancel my March exams now.


That is exactly why I’m going to leave this until the December holidays.

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I’ve gotten to a point where I need titanium but my starter moon doesn’t have any nodes. Presumably by design.

Now I have too look at setting up new bases on another planet and an interplanetary logistics network. Or start from scratch on the new planet.

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For small amounts you can r-click mine some rocks.


True I have some from that, but the yellow science automation will need lots. I’m not complaining however. The logistics puzzle is the part I love most about these games


I am a horrible factory planner but hey it’s fun anyways.


Just to show how damned impressive this game is, the developers are a team of 5. Just 5.

This is their office:

Found it on https://www.reddit.com/r/Dyson_Sphere_Program/, for reference.


See I take my hat off to guys like this!


Game was patched today, key binding has been added :smiley: