E3 2020 Officially canceled due to coronavirus

And so the Coronavirus claims another major event for the year

According to the statement, E3 will not be held this year for fear of further spread of the virus. While this is sad news for us gamers, it is probably the best choice in light of current events.

What I think will happen is that most publishers may go down the Nintendo route and create some elaborate streams or hold their own private events. I know Microsoft was counting heavily on E3 to showcase the Xbox Series X and their news games.

This will also determine the future of E3 in years to come. Many people have discussed the value of E3 every year. Well, we now have a good opportunity to see what that value is, and how the gaming world will react with it not happening.

I personally am saddened about the news. E3 was always something to look forward to.


Like you say. Companies will have to get creative now to showcase what they have.


Both Ubisoft and Microsoft have already announced that they’ll do digital events to replace E3.



I’ve always thought that E3 should be a digital event from the start. All I want to see is what coming up in the next year and some gameplay footage. I don’t give a single F about the awkward speeches, they always feel disingenuous and aimed at pleasing the stakeholders (except this one, never forget).
Having said that, I will miss the snark from the usual suspects, Jim Stirling, Angry Joe, Funhaus, etc.


Yeah, this will not change my perception of E3 at all. Its not like I went there anyway. I just want to see great new games’ trailers and hardware news. So I am not too upset.