E3 2021 - Online & Interactive


After declining attendance by gaming companies to E3 2019, and the pandemic forced cancellation of E3 2020, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) are bringing E3 2021 directly to the fans - E3 2021 will be a virtual online only event with free access to all, from 12 - 15 June.

Virtual events will include keynote sessions from major publishers broadcast from a live stage in Los Angeles, an awards show, and a preview night. Because of the online-only nature, the event has been rebranded for the year as the Electronic Entertainment Experience 2021 rather than the standard Electronic Entertainment Expo. Greg Miller, Jacki Jing, and Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez will serve as hosts of the virtual events.

Fans will be able to “attend” E3 virtually from anywhere in the world via a dedicated app and online portal, and will be able to take part in the 4-day livestream and a number of interactive and gamification activities on the site or app. In order to gain access to all the online fan features of the event though, fans will need to register as “virtual attendees”.

Why do I need to register if E3 2021 is all digital?
You must register in order to access the official E3 portal and app, which will include the following, among other elements:

  • The ability to create a unique profile with a variety of exciting customizations
  • Gamification across the app that will appear on the user’s profile
  • Real time activity feed that includes upcoming and past activities, social and editorial content, publisher and developer events, general programming, and other specific content that is suggested to the user based on their interests
  • Interactive “booths” from participating exhibitors
  • Social media sharing and interaction through the feed
  • Discussion forums
  • Interactive meetups and lounges
  • Calendaring system to display events

Fan registration for E3 2021 opens tomorrow, 03 June (time TBC) and will be available through the official E3 Expo website:

(There are answers to a number of fan FAQs on that page as well.)

If you’d rather not register for the full E3 experience, but still want to pop in every now and then to catch presentations from your favourite developers and studios, much of the expos main events will be livestreamed and distributed through a vast array of channels, platforms and media outlets, in addition to E3s own platforms.

I’ll add links to the official E3 channels below this, and add separate posts for the major publisher events as I find them.


Official E3 YouTube Channel

Official E3 Twitch Channel

Official E3 Facebook Page


Official E3 Twitter Account



Ubisoft Forward Event

Saturday 12 June @ 21:00

Ubisofts E3 trailers are here: Game Trailers & Teasers Thread - #90 by Wyvern


Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Sunday, June 13 @ 19:00


The Xbox E3 trailers are here: Game Trailers & Teasers Thread - #92 by GregRedd


Nintendo Direct at E3 2021

Tuesday 15 June @ 18:00

Tune in for a Nintendo Direct with roughly 40 minutes of info focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch software, mostly releasing in 2021, followed by around 3 hours of gameplay for a handful of Nintendo Switch games in Nintendo Treehouse: Live


Please remind me of these cause I might forget


Sounds like you need a productivity system :stuck_out_tongue: (shameless plug)


I just need someone to message me and remind me :sweat_smile:

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Can’t wait for the Nintendo Direct.


What is going to be our time when this happens


The times I put for the big ones above are SA times. The first big event is tonight from 20:00 -

The Summer Game Fest Live E3 Kickoff event is being hosted by Geoff Keighley of the (Game Awards Show). It starts at 8PM tonight.

(Most of) The trailers shown have all been collected in the Game Trailers Thread:


Official E3 YouTube channel is live now (it’s in the post at the top of the thread).

Also the Ubisoft trailers will go into the Game Trailers topic.


The Devolver Digital E3 presentation was as weird, f-bomb ladened, and amusing as usual. Teased as the reveal of “the future of monetization as a service”, the resulting sale of their once-off Devolver MaxPass+ VHS NFT* for $1000 was a given.

There’s an automatic NSFW - Strong Language warning on anything Devolver Digital

Here’s the Devolver MaxPass+ Prologue:

And the full Devolver MaxPass+ Showcase:

The NFT sale page:

* NFT = Non-Fuckwithable Tape

If you’d like to skip the foul-mouthed Devolver shenanigans and just see the game trailers, they’re all right over here: Game Trailers & Teasers Thread - #89 by GregRedd


The Xbox & Bethesda links are up for YouTube and Twitch.


Oh man. I just watched a bit of the stream and it’s amazing. So many games! I don’t know where I’m going to get the time to play them.

Forza Horizon 5 just around the corner! Wasn’t expecting that at all.


That was excellent - 30 games showcased, 27 of them to Xbox and/or Game Pass. Big surprise on the Forza Horizon 5 being so close, I agree. Also loved the look f the Top Gun Maverick expansion coming to Flight Simulator and the Jack Sparrow crossover in Sea of Thieves looks like it could be a lot of fun too.

Thrilled to see something of Starfield eventually, bummed it’s still so far away. And that vampire hunter closer RedFall looks like it could be a good co-op shooter with a difference too.

All round, top job by Xbox and Bethesda - a lot to look forward to.

I think I got all the trailers if you missed any: Game Trailers & Teasers Thread - #93 by GregRedd


I’m so excited!


Square Enix Presents Summer Showcase 2021

Sunday, 13 June @ 21:15

Game trailers will be over here: Game Trailers & Teasers Thread - #93 by GregRedd


Many good looking games in the Xbox showcase.

Between all the free stuff we get these days and game pass, I have a feeling I might never actually buy a new game again.


Same here.

Only game I bought in over a year is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Hmm, that I can think of.