EA Sports No Longer Making Golf Games

A few days ago, we reported the news that EA Sports’ golf simulator Rory McIlroy PGA Tour was delisted from digital stores as well as the EA Access service on Xbox One. We were trying to figure out the reason for this, but now we finally know.

After spending years working on golf games – from the classic Genesis era to Tiger Woods PGA Tour to Rory McIlroy – EA has finally relinquished its deal with the PGA Tour in what appears to be a move away from golf games. Some fans are calling it the “end of an era.”

The reason for doing away with this series? Apparently PGA Tour didn’t sell as well for the company as it was expecting. Granted, when the game initially launched a few years ago it was met with unfavorable reviews since it was missing content. The publisher has since made up for the error with a series of updates but the writing may have already been on the wall regarding it.

PGA Tour’s licensing director Matt Iofredo spoke with Golfchannel.com about the break-up, noting that the team enjoyed a “long-term successful partnership” with the publisher and that the split was “amicable” despite the sudden disappearance of the latest game from digital stores.

But all is not lost. While EA is done with golf games (for now at least), HB Studios is just getting started. The developer of The Golf Club series has announced the latest iteration in its series which will release this year. And when it does, it’ll have a full PGA Tour partnership with a number of exclusive courses and features including a new mode that will make you a PGA star in no time flat. You can see more information regarding this announcement in the trailer below.

The Golf Club 2019 will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. As for those who prefer EA Sports’ style of golf, you can still pick up physical copies of Rory McIlroy PGA Tour for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Better get it while you can. It truly marks the end of a golfing legacy.



This whole deal is quite sad. I’ve been yearning for a new PGA Tour game from EA for years now. I even logged in to check the PS Store this evening to buy Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, but to my shock it has already been removed from the store. This led me to investigate the disappearance from the store, which eventually brought me to the article posted above. So there is literally no way for me to get hold of a PGA Tour game anymore for the PS4, as I’m not a fan of buying boxed copies or discs.


good thing i got it for dirt cheap a few months ago, well technically it was bought with a vouchers ms gave me for free with the xbox rewards thing

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In a way I am kinda sad, but from what I have read the golf club is incredible in terms of a simulator and RM Golf is more arcade, but has the PGA licenses.
I love RM Golf as its an easy pick up and play kinda game, I’m hoping GC doesnt go full sandbox now they have the PGA Licence.
Be nice if they could somehow combine the two.

I have been looking at getting GC2, but since F1 2018 is coming out and Dakar, coupled with the fact I want a racing wheel and rig I have put buying more games on hold.

Thank goodness. I’ve known about this for awhile already, but seeing it in writing makes me happy. EA squandered the rights, plain and simple. The latest game sucked. Seriously. And with my recent boycott, had EA kept the license, I’d never get another golf game (I’m still waiting for 2K to start making hockey games again).

I’m happy, all in all

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tiger woods 12 on the wii was really the pinnacle of their golf titles imo, its the best most natural golf game i’ve ever played and for a wii game it actually looked really good

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I loved the slightly arcadey take on golf of the PGA Tour series and the campaigns they had in. Golf Club’s open, aimless, sim-focused nature really doesn’t appeal to me. Neither does Everybody’s Golf, which is TOO arcadey for me. PGA Tour struck that perfect balance for me…

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Thats 100% why I bought RM Golf.

I think they will keep their original game style and this will be a more arcadey part of the game

I personally loved Tiger Woods 2006 (or was it 2007), the first Xbox 360 release. They had celebrations and reactions to bad shots for your characters. I would have my character run around with his arms out like an airplane when making a long putt, for example. I miss those.

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that is taboo in golf, if i remember correctly sergio garcia did something like that once and they fined him

That doesn’t bother me :slight_smile: It makes for good laughs when playing with a group of friends on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m glad the license is going to someone that is willing to do something with it. I am however a bit apprehensive about it going to The Golf Club. I played the first game, and it just didn’t float my boat at all. The gameplay was clunky and the game buggy as all hell, and most of the time didn’t even want to start. I need to try GC2 though, hopefully its a bit better.

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