Elite: Dangerous’ epic, 8-month space expedition is about to begin


Distant Worlds 2, the epic space faring expedition within Elite: Dangerous, kicked off on 13 January at 22:00 (South African time).

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I’ve played about 300 hours of Elite Dangerous up to date. The furthest I’ve been from my home system is about 2500 ly, which took a whole week to complete going and coming back. That trip is a drop in the ocean compared to this monolithic journey!!

Also, the moment all the commanders started their journey with the first jump, the ED servers crashed hard, and it seems like the launch did not go so smoothly. As of right now the servers are still wonky at best, with many people complaining about logouts and crashes.


I’d like to sign up for this if I can. I have the week to catch up.


I hope you know what you are getting yourself into. I hope you’ve done expensive research on exploration and managing fuel and stuff. A journey this long is a massive undertaking! You need a very well kitted out ship if you plan on doing this. Something with a jump range well over 50 ly which you can only get with expensive Engineering upgrades. You also need the biggest fuel scoop money can buy. I think it will be an amazing journey, but damn it’s a lot of work


I’ll at least try. If I fail, meh.


Remember one thing…

Never fly without a rebuy


Man, if I had more time on my hands I would have loved to join in.


Community things like this are really interesting. Always love hearing about them.