Elite Dangerous reveals September update details and Fleet Carrier teaser trailer

At Lavecon 2019, a convention which celebrates the creative energy inspired by the Elite computer game in science fiction, fantasy, and gaming, Frontier Developments announced a big update coming in September for Elite Dangerous. It also showed a teaser video revealing Fleet Carriers, coming to the game in December 2019.

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Looks good! I still need to get my ship out of the abyss and back to the bubble

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Those Fleet Carriers look like they’ll be a total Battlestar Galactica fantasy. I’m so in, if they are.


I haven’t played E:D in a while, and while the Fleet Carriers are looking very cool, will have to see what else they add to the game before I think I should jump in. Got a bit burnt out with the game after playing many many hours of straight jumping from system to system. This was before DW2, which is why I ended up not participating.

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I’m even further behind than you - haven’t been in E:D for ages either.

And now with this update news, all of @Entity’s NMS screen shots and posts, and @Sweepslag with his Star Citizen update posts the space exploration gamer in me is so conflicted :grinning:

So little time, so much space to see!