Entry level Navi is here - AMD announces the RX 5500 series

I’ve personally been looking forward to this for a while. No details beyond the launch specs just yet, but hopefully it won’t be long to wait now. If the 5700 is a bit beyond reach, this may be just the card for you.

The only thing that concerns me is that these cards may be a bit too far down in performance to be an upgrade for the RX580. We’ll have to wait for benchmarks to see how it compares.



I wonder how much it could cost in relation to the RX580.

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That’s the killer question for me. I’d be very disappointed if after two years we get a card that costs the same as the RX580 while performing roughly the same as well. Thanks to the lack of competition, Nvidia have basically shifted “midrange” GPU pricing from the R4k mark to R7k, which is what the lower tier RTX cards or an RX 5700 will cost you. It’s depressing, really.