Epic apologizes and removes Gunner pet from store following backlash

Fortnite added a new pet dog item to the Fortnite Shop named Gunner which bears a striking resemblance to a season six Battle Pass pet named Bonesy.

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Well, there was a slight difference…


It’s seems like a cheap tactic but then many of the skins in Overwatch and Apex Legends are just simple recolours. They don’t charge $9.99 for them though!

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Um…so it’s entirely optional cosmetic with a slight variant on one that was (previously as I understand it? no longer available?) free? I don’t see the issue. Don’t like it? Everyone think its stupid? Well then noone would buy it, right? Except people DID clearly buy it since they’re handing out refunds.

This seems like a kind of bandwagon jump happening…
I am NO Epic fan whatsoever, but I don’t see a problem here…Just vote with your wallet.