Evolve lives again

Four years have passed since the serves were taken down, now the game is suddenly running again—and no one can explain why.

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Now this is very interesting! Third time’s the charm?


Would be nice if this came back, but I feel as though it probably won’t, these types of games are very difficult to balance, which I think is one of the reasons people stopped playing it, so either they were able to find a way to balance the game, or someone forgot to turn off the last server in the server rack :stuck_out_tongue:

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We actually had loads of fun with this game back on XBOX One, and I would not mind to play this again! Had a lot of potential, but weird 2K decisions never gave it a fair chance.

Sadly it seems the only way to play it would be on PC or if you own the game and 2K has stated they have no intentions of bringing the servers back.

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