F1 24 - EA Sports F1 Games

For what it’s worth:

Xbox | SE @ R1289.95 | CE @ R1659.95

PlayStation | SE @ R1289.95 | CE @ R1659.95

EA App | SE @ R1289.95 | CE @ R1659.95

Steam | SE @ R1289.95 | CE @ R1659.95

Epic Games Store | SE @ R1289.95 | CE @ R1659.95


And just in case you think those ridiculous prices (for South African gamers at least) across all platforms were a pure money grabbing EA swindle, you’ll be pleased to hear that “If you own F1® 2021, F1® 22, or F1® 23 you are eligible to recieve* a 15% discount on F1® 24”.

*That i before e, except after c spelling error is currently like that on the EA site.

I wonder who looks at that list of preorder bonuses and says, yeah that’s totally worth nearly 30% extra :clown_face:

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If anybody is keen to join a fun season of F1 22 then let me know. @darthmol, myself and a few others are looking for more drivers. Totally fun, all platforms, MOST assists allowed.

Tuesdays at 8:15pm.


Would be cool to participate but I will only be able to do so in May.

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You still running these? I may be able to reconnect the old wheel and pedals over the weekend, reinstall F1 22, and retake my role as blue flag generating backmarker to the stars.

Collecting the F1 24 “deep” dive and gameplay videos here so that folks know what to expect when they pick up the new game.*

* from the bargain bin in maybe three years time when it’s maybe on 80% off sale.

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Yes we are! We just did Barcelona last night. We are always looking for more talent so you are most welcome! We have wheel and controller drivers, of various skill and experience levels. And there is no pressure, all in good fun! We have about 8 drivers I think, but attendance is pretty varied.

Updated calendar as we had some wrong dates, but in principal each Tuesday.


I have a problem with how “shiny” the cars look, especially cars like the Red Bull and McLaren. They are more of a matte colour than super shiny…


Please send me the League Code or Name, or an Invite if it’s set to Private, when you get a chance. Or go you run each event as one of those Social Game sessions?

Are you doing Player Cars or F1 2022 cars? And if the official cars, is Car Performance set to Realistic or Equal? O

@GregRedd we do each race as a social event on the evening. And Jeff does the points on a spreadsheet. We race F1 2022 cars and all on equal performance to give the Alpha Tauri and Williams fans a fair shot.

Also, will you join us from EA or on Steam?

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I have F1 22 on Steam.

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@gregredd @avatar and @darthmol joined in last night in our race at Baku. What a race! Anyone else still keen to join are most welcome!


And good fun it was indeed! Strong recommendation from me to anyone else that wants to join. Looking forward to being blue flagged again next week :grinning:


Yeah, it’s a great field to be racing with. Couple of very quick guys, but there’s a good spread of the field, so any skill level can join and have some good racing. And while we certainly bang wheels,

there’s no doubt that the person that bumped you was at least trying to have a clean race.

@GregRedd, like I said, Baku is the single track where I can pretend to be quick, I’ll be bringing up the rear with you next week.