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I got this game within this week, and then I see the following article:

This is utterly pathetic by the developer, stopping support a mere 2 months after the launch of the game, with a multitude of bugs and issues still outstanding. And the upcoming “big” patch will be mostly cosmetic. Swak Frontier. SWAK!!


Was coming to post the same. I’m not unhappy with the game itself the half a season I’ve played because I was assuming that Frontier would be sorting the issues out. First iteration of the franchise, established studio with some solid management sim builders to their credit, and a long-established AAA space title. But the unceremonious way they made this announcement, and their reasoning for stopping support on this edition, is wholly unacceptable.

News on Next Update and the Future of F1 Manager
Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Thank you as always for your continued support and activity in the F1 Manager 2022 community! With the US GP now in the rear-view mirror, we wanted to let you know about upcoming plans for the game.

Our team are currently working on an update for F1 Manager 2022 that addresses more player-reported topics. This includes multiple visual updates to the car models for the official F1 teams. We’ve further differentiated their look by implementing some of the key characteristics of many teams’ 2022 designs, including car parts and liveries. Also, we’re making positive changes regarding fuel usage issues during Qualifying sessions, and amending instances of incorrect ‘Estimated Race Time’ calculations, amongst other optimisations.

This next update for F1 Manager 2022 will be the last significant update that addresses player-reported feedback, or suggested changes and additions. Any potential updates following this would be minor patches that do not noticeably affect gameplay. To ensure upcoming F1 Manager projects realise their potential and meet the expectations of both our team and our community, the development team’s focus must move fully onto projects beyond F1 Manager 2022, after this upcoming update.

Ever since we started to form the F1 Manager community, we’ve listened to and taken actions on your feedback and opinions whenever possible – and that will not be changing. Key reports and requests around F1 Manager 2022 from the community that are yet to be resolved will continue to be prioritised as we create future iterations in this franchise. With that mind, please keep sharing your thoughts in all the usual places, as we’ll be tracking them during development.

The F1 Manager Community team will continue to be active across all our channels, after the final update and beyond, to answer questions, create content, and generally hang out with our players. We love seeing your stories, reading suggestions, and nerding out about F1 with you all, so that won’t be stopping.

We’ve said this many times before, but THANK YOU for continuing to be part of the F1 Manager community, and joining us on this journey from the very beginning. F1 Manager 2022 is just the start, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the future!

Basically, thanks for paying for F1M 2022 and testing it for two months to give us feedback. We’re off now to go work on next years’ edition to see if we can make a better game second time around. We probably won’t do much more than change a couple of names and some sponsor logos. Then we’ll be back to sell you the same shitty, broken game again, probably for more money. Please be happy to support us when we do.

It’s got the same kak vibe as how Frontier handled the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey upgrade and support of that again. It also leaves an equally sour taste.

It is indeed, very swak.


The game in its current state is okay. To be honest I get more excitement and management challenge from Motorsport Manager. Which sucks because the race weekend can become very immersive especially with the real driver radio responses. But there is just so much lacking from the game, and with this news I’ve lost all motivation to continue on playing.

Then again, it’s a very FIA type of move…


Clarification or hasty walk back?

In response to the backlash, Frontier clarified that it “will continue to support F1 Manager 2022, with multiple updates currently in the pipeline, focused on addressing the most important topics raised by the community.”

Yesterday’s post was to explain that the addition of any new significant gameplay features for F1 Manager 2022 requested by players would not be possible, but this was not clear."


Frontier, as much as I love them, really need to work on their PR.


A little from column one, but mostly column two, in my opinion. An attempt at some damage control, I think. And it’s becoming a game of semantics.

One of the biggest issues is a problem with lapped cars not being unlapped under a safety car. This causes those cars to be classified in their on-track positions when the race ends. So the lapped car that is physically third in the safety car queue but should technically be placed last in the results, gets classified and rewarded as P3. Actually it’s more a problem for players with mid-fieled runners not being unlapped and landing up getting “stuck” in the wrong track postions for the rest of the race.

The issue arose because of their use of the phrase “any new significant gameplay” and then having one of their CM’s going on to confirm that the unlapping issue wouldn’t be addressed as it wasn’t an important “feature”, only for this to then be contradicted by the walk back message and the other Frontier CM responsible for the game saying exactly the opposite:

Like @Beo says, much as I love, support, and champion their games, after the Elite Odyssey release and the “no more console development and updates” debacle, and now this story, they really need to work on their public messaging.


Also, to prove how fundamentally flawed the game is…

I’ve completed 8 races in the first season with Ferrari. Both cars have finished all 8 races!! We have won 7 of the 8 races - Chuck has 6, Carlos 1. And that’s from only 3 poles. We have 15 out 16 podiums, 7 out of 8 fastest laps, the drivers are clear P1 and P2 in the Championship, and the team is already almost 100 points ahead of Red Bull.

Obviously, none of this could possibly happen in a game that is an even vaguely accurate simulator.



Suuuuuuuuper unrealistic.



At the same time as EA Sport F1/Codemasters are starting to reveal the next version of the F1 franchise, Frontier Developments are starting to do the same with the tease of the second edition of their F1 Manager game.

Hopefully, with the benefit of the troubled release of the first effort last year, the new edition will be a better release for Frontier.


We are thrilled to reveal that F1® Manager 23 is coming this summer! Take on all the challenges of being an F1® team principal in the exciting new 2023 season and beyond. Choose any one of the ten teams from the 2023 championship and compete across a historic 23 races and six F1® Sprint events. Hire and develop real-world drivers and staff, build and improve your HQ, and create the next force to be reckoned with in F1®.

What a complete waste of 35 seconds that was. And again with the “Summer” kak?! (I know it shouldn’t irritate me, but it does,)


F1® Manager 23 launches from July 31 on PC, PlayStation & Xbox!

Pre-order to receive three exclusive Race Moments including one for the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. Purchase the Deluxe Edition to get a head start with access to the game four days early and twelve unique Starting Grids and Race Moments in the Exclusive Scenarios Pack.


PC: Standard @ R569 // Deluxe @ R675


PlayStation: Standard @ R979 // Deluxe @ R1159

Xbox: Standard @ R979 // Deluxe @ R1149

Big pre-order push by Frontier Dev. After the issues with last years’ release, I’m not entirely sure it’s going to work.


If you dont own the '22 version, this might be worthwhile…?


Definitely might be if the improvements and changes they’re promising work. Still not convinced enough to pre-order it though.

F1 Manager 23 – Five exciting new features hit the track July 31 – PlayStation.Blog

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The last game I pre-ordered was HL2 :wink:


Feature Focus: Race Preparation

Feature Focus: Race Replay

Feature Focus: Sporting Director & Pit Crew

Race Replay Mode and scenarios sound like an interesting addition.

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General release for the game is on Monday next week (31 July), but Deluxe Edition pre-order owners are able to play from today, so the review embargo has been lifted.

The Race

Despite all the changes, improvements and new features – whether F1 Manager 2023 will appeal to you is dependent on whether F1 Manager 2022 did. If you want a game that focuses on the on-track management and having to react in races which can genuinely be unpredictable and immensely entertaining – then you’ll be right at home with the career mode and the separate challenges.

But if you’re looking for a challenging and deep management simulation where the off-track side of running a team is as involved, deep and unpredictable as the races – then you’ll probably still prefer the older F1 and racing management titles.

Video Gamer

F1 Manager 2023 is a much, much better game than last year, and absolutely worth picking up whether you persevered with 2022 or not. It still has issues with certain janky animations, but there is a lot more diversity when it comes to incidents, and there is considerably more depth with both driver and car development. This is finally a management game worthy of the official F1 Manager title.

Planet F1

Overall, F1 Manager 2023 is another fun game for fans of the sport to dive into. Frontier have a lot of hearts they need to win back and they will hope options such as swapping teams, pit stop changes and a reworking of certain behaviours will do that.

Whether or not that is the case, only time will tell.

Racing Games GG

You will sink hours into this game and bearly notice it. The ability to switch teams within your save will also greatly increase the length of playtime for players. Jumping from your all-conquering Williams team to bring Ferrari back to life will be a great experience, and certainly better than having to start again.

However, F1 Manager 2023 is unlikely to change the mind of those that didn’t enjoy or felt short-changed by last year’s game. There isn’t enough of a difference to truly sway anyone that felt the game was too shallow or easy last year.



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F1® Manager 23 | Team Switching (Update 1.6) OUT NOW - YouTube

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F1 Manager 2024 releases 23 July and Frontier are hoping to win back some of those disappointed with the first two releases with a raft of new features and changes.

Chief among the new features is Create A Team and Deeper Management Features:

For the first time in the series, create your own team to challenge the grid and forge a new legacy. Customise every element of your team from your setup and livery design to logo and racing suits. Recruit the right staff and drivers and negotiate with sponsors for placement on your car.

Keep your drivers and staff motivated using the comprehensive new mentality system and dynamic contract negotiations. Take control of your team’s facilities and focus your driver’s development as you execute your vision. Improved rival team AI, including the new threat of staff and driver poaching, provides an unpredictable and dynamic challenge year-on-year.

A couple of motorsport publications and sim gaming sites have had some hands-on experience with the new game, and most seem cautiously optimistic.

Pre-orders for the game are available now, and Frontier’s reasonable standard pricing for the game will help it in getting gamers back on to their Team Principal seats on the pitwall. Even more so if they opt for the PC version on either Steam or Epic Games where they’ll get the added bonus of regional pricing too.

PC (Steam / Epic) @ R390 - R480


PlayStation 4 & 5 @ R659 - R849

XBox One & X|S @ R649 - R839