Facebook's annoying auto-playing video embeds

On my phone atm. Dont think this is the correct place for it.

The when is hot too hot has a autoplay vid and as soon as i open the topic it starts playing before I even get to wensdays post. Is there a way to stop this from happening sinse it starts with full volume.

Firefox samsung phone.

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Thanks. I’m not sure what Facebook is thinking with having videos with sound automatically play, and I don’t know how they are circumventing the systems in mobile browsers that block that annoying behaviour.

I couldn’t find a better fix, so I’ve blocked anything from facebook.com from embedding on the MEW Discourse.

If anyone can find a better solution (I would like to have the videos embed, but not autoplay), please let me know.


Will just report that it happens on my phone as well,

google chrome

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My video i posted for the Gameclub Black Mesa also autoplays everytime I go to that page…which is rather annoying :confused:
Its not a FB video either…
Sorry guys