Factorio aka Cracktorio

Factorio is such a great game. I can see why the call it Cracktorio.

I finally “finished” the game by launching the rocket. I spent time building turret walls around the continent so I could have launched sooner. There is always something to tweak.


Anyone else played it?

Was good that I stayed away from reddit at the start so my base started like lovely spaggeti. Thanks for the tip @Avatar

I did manage to create myself an Eskom situation when I started with trains. I missed a signal and the train sat at the station while the factory ran out of coal. Then while I was trying to fix it I forgot to shutdown and got hit with real loadshedding.


Oh man, I remember playing the demo and getting pulled in so much, I soon thereafter bought the game and really enjoyed it. The big problem was how much of a time sink it was so I never got too far in the campaign. Played a fair bit of co-op with friends as well.

Factorio is THE original factory game that has inspired so many others. Without it there’d be no Satisfactory which is also a game that I’ve spent many happy hours playing.


Congratulations on reaching your first milestone in Factorio! Now, for the overhaul mods :slight_smile:

The original complete overhaul was the set of Bob’s and Angel’s mods - they change the production so that you’ve got a bit of byproduct to manage in each step. Great concept, but I didn’t enjoy it all that much.

The current mods of choice are 1) Krastorio, and 2) Space Exploration. I’m running a game where I have both at the same time, calling it KrSx. Pronounce how you want to.

Krastorio changes the production recipes, biomes, minerals, and research tree, adding different ways to do science.

Space Exploration does what it says on the tin - space factories!

When I’m at my computer again, I’ll send you my list of quality of life mods as well.

One of us! One of us!


I’m on a Space Exploration mod run. I was almost ready for my first rocket trip to Nauvis orbit last night, but municipal power infrastructure said no.


We really need someone to create a mod to fix that issue for us. :grinning::zap:


I need more solar and accumulators in my base as well as IRL.

Concrete evidence that Factorio is life


TIL that windows has clipboard history as well.

Windows Key + V


Wait wat


I got to use this in anger for the first time today, compiling my month report. Normally it goes:

  1. Copy my search string that I use to find my dashboard with. Think something like “Company name Month Report Dashboard”
  2. Paste the string in my BI software, add 1 on the end, and get my first dashboard loaded up.
  3. Copy said dashboard into my report, and write about it for a bit.
  4. Paste my search string into my BI software.
  5. Add 2 on the end.
  6. Get confused as to why there’s only a two on the screen.
  7. Swear.
  8. Type out the whole flippen string again, while swearing.
  9. Erase the swear words I accidently typed without realizing. Man, I’m a potty mouth.
  10. Add 2 on the end.

Today I spent at least 30 mins less on my report, on a Friday afternoon. Friday afternoon minutes are twice as valuable as any other minute!

Thanks, man, this really changed a helluva lot in my workflow.

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