Fan Grinding Noise


Every time I turn on my PC there is a grinding noise that seems to come from the back. If I smack the back it quiets down.

I guess my fan is probably dying, right?


No, it should be fine. It’s just getting cold. I’ve had that with computers in the past.


Hey at least you dont get a weird electrical smell - I have no idea what is causing it, I have looked all over, next it to replace the power cables to the wall sockets


Most likely a worn bearing in a fan


All the screws are tight so that there is no vibration between the fan and case?


That sounds like the PSU might be on it sway out, have you smelled there ?


Its only when I have my pc at home, hence why I want to replace the power plugs - There was no smell when I used my pc at my brother’s place this weekend.


thats super weird, maybe also check the actual wall socket itself.


if you press against the back grill does it stop? its usually just the PSU fan getting old and having warped in such a way that either the spinning blades are touching something or they’ve lost their “balance” and are vibrating something else nearby. Usually not something to worry about unless it causes the fans to either slow down or stop…


I checked the wall socket as well, it all seems good. So yea Im just keeping an eye on it and getting the new plugs just incase


I have had this problem in the past too - perhaps a dust build-up. is it a fan in the PSU or just a standalone fan?

  • PSU - opening the unit (provided it’s not still under warranty) and see if there’s dust build-up in and around the fan that can be cleaned up
  • Standalone fan, consider replacing it, if able to do so.


Its definitely not the PSU fan.


then make sure you dont have cabling touching the cpu fan. this can even happen with the cable that plugs the fan IN to the motherboard. that or sata/power cables squeezing/pressing into the cpu fan or sidecase fan when you put the side-case opening back on can cause it to thwack against the blades and make a loud BRRRRRRRR noise. any more pressure and it usually just causes the fan to stop (baaaad if its the cpu fan).
easiest way to tell who the cuprit is is while its running open side case and just press middle of each fan. if noise stops, thats your culprit :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure this is what you are getting:


Bearings in the fan.


a google search? :smiley:


Yeah i don’t have time to read any of the links. But have had this before and it’s nothing to worry about. It’s when the fans make noises when it gets cold.


the top search’s approved answer was what I was saying though, which is something making contact with the fans causing the noise.

Both of our answers are plausible, i think it depends entirely on exact noise of fan and what he ends up saying is causing it :slight_smile:


I’ll try record it.


I think there might be something wrong.

This is one of the first results I got when I googled the above!