Far Cry 5 has been Cracked

Ubisoft's big First quarter Release of 2018 Far cry 5 has been cracked less than 3 weeks after release. This will surely be a blow for Ubisoft as most sales for major games happened within 30 days of release, and this is one of their big money raking Franchises.

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It was bound to happen.

That didn’t take long.

Actually, looking at some previous titles that uses Denuvo, Far Cry 5 took a bit longer. Usually pirates have been able to crack Denuvo games within a week.

Does crack a game mean they are able to install it on multiple PC’s?
I haven’t bought an illegal game since 2002 when a mate and I shared the cost of Delta Force 1 and made a copy.

ac origins took over a month to crack and im surprised it took them so quickly on this since its a vmprotected environment running denuvo inside on top of their uplay protection system. Ubisoft probably didnt change alot of the triggers since AC origins and since it is cracked in less than a month they dont have to pay denuvo a cent and they’ll probably release an updated version that doesnt have the protection in it, im guessing later releases this year will be much harder to crack since irdeto owns denuvo now and they’ll probably add additional encryption in a future update to the drm

I wonder what its costs companies to implement the protection, hardly seems worthwhile

I dont think its that expensive since alot of smaller titles like FE, constructor, puyo puyo tetris also make use of that and those are hardly moneymaker releases

what a fail

guess that’s just how things are these days