Far Cry 5 Offical Thread



Haha. I felt like an idiot the first time I fished. Trying as hard as I could i couldn’t get the fish to reel in. I went against the fish like they said and everything. Then after 10 minutes i realised I was pressing the right bumper to reel it in. you have to press the left one to reel in.


Once you have unlocked 3 companions, make sure you buy the LEADERSHIP perk and then equip NICK RYE in one of the slots. He follows you around in a plane and shoots down those pesky Peggie planes :slight_smile:

I used Boomer at fist, but now have Grace in the other slot. I just wish she used a silenced sniper, coz it raises alarm as soon as she shoots someone.I am also planning to now unlock all the other Guns/Fangs for hire before doing the last bit of the John Seed map.

I am a little concerned about how they are going to find ways for the protagonist to escape from the cult another 7 times, given that it seems to have story based captures 3 times per leader.


I hated the second one.


Damn! I forgot all about the companions you can use on missions. I’ve been doing missions alone :hushed:

Theres so much to do in this game!!


I am so hooked on this game it’s not even funny. The game is impossibly gorgeous!

I liberated the Hollands Valley region plagued by Jacob Seed. Working my way through Faith’s region now.


For those with 30 minutes to kill. It’s actually good.


Nice! (Maybe don’t watch if you haven’t finished FC5?)

Edit: Some more information dropped relating to the “new” Far Cry


I should finish this game