Far Cry 5 Offical Thread



It’s finally out and I must say, it looks great. I haven’t played any Far Cry games since the third one so I’m a bit behind.

Is anyone playing this?

PS, I couldn’t make the title for thread just Far Cry 5 because it wasn’t long enough.


How are people playing already? My preorder on Xbox One is only available on Tuesday.


Oh crikey, you are right. It is only out on Tuesday. I quickly needed to create a thread, saw this post: What are you playing now?

and created a thread. :slight_smile: So it does look like people are playing already.


Yep. Got my copy yesterday at CNA.

I’m enjoying it much more than FC4.


So, I got up super early this morning to play some of the game. Ended up playing about 2 hours.

For some reason, the hype got me good for Far Cry 5. I couldn’t wait to start playing!!

Okay, so the first impressions have been good. The game feels like you’d expect a Far Cry game to feel like. It’s extremely over-the-top, the map is absolutely huge, the shooting mechanics solid, and the animals are vicious. The game is also visually absolutely stunning!!


Wanted to start last night at 12, but I am a little sick so I passed out at like 9 already. Will jump in tonight. Last Far Cry I played was 2. So I don’t really know what to expect.


I agree with everything DieGrootHammer said except the driving/vehicle mechanics are still shite!

Other than that feels like a solid game.


I heard the distances traveled between missions are not as crap as FC2. Think I might pick up a copy


The map is huge though.


Got my copy from greenmangaming… Gonna start playing now… :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


Ok played about 5 hours. The first 2 hours I hated it. It was chaos and I didn’t know what the hell was going on. There was no rhyme or reason to anything. But then I realised it might have something to do with how I think of the game. I was expecting a story driven FPS. This game isn’t that. @Hiro Mentioned Breath of The wild to me and then it clicked how this game should be played. Exactly like you want to play it.

My opinion has now changed. I am starting to like it a lot. I look for something on the horizon, then I go there and take on whatever comes up in between. After a few upgrades and some more gun slots, the game is really opening up a lot.

I am focussing on one area at the moment and I think I am almost done with it. Cannot wait for the long weekend to really sink my teeth into it.


Awesome, glad you are clicking now :smile:

I have had a couple more hours and starting to really love it! Plenty to do, but it feels a lot more natural and organic than some of the previous Ubisoft ooenworld games (barring the sublime ACO)


Wow this game is just impressing me more and more. I ended up playing a lot last night. @Talentloos I also thought about BotW while playing the game. The exploration just feels similar to it. It makes for an incredible experience.


Also, it’s hard to describe just how absolutely pretty this game is.

Here is a screenshot shared on reddit of the game running on PS4PRO:


really love the 3d map. and also digging the chaotic but natural dispersion of events and side missions and prepper stashes. Have played for about 5-6 hours and have yet to do a single main mission. just having fund exploring the map.


I found the wheel menu system was a bit confusing at first but once I got used to it, it gets much easier to navigate.


How are you guys traversing the map? fast travelling everywhere or walking or driving?


I feel ashamed, but I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to select the fishing pole. I had to Google it. Only then did I find out that while the wheel is open, you can press the other shoulder button on the controller to open the utility wheel.

I’ve been walking or driving everywhere. I rather don’t want to fast travel right now as there is so much to explore and find.

Also, I managed to unlock the three top companions. Grace the sniper is absolutely baller! She is my go-to for missions right now. When I go hunting, Boomers is great for that added tagging of animals. And the pilot guy I just unlocked, so haven’t used him…yet.


I also have those three. At the moment I’m using boomer the most. Haven’t really used the sniper chick. I think what I want to do next is go and get all the other companions before I continue with more story stuff. For the last two hours or so I played I have just been doing outposts and prepper stashes. and for the moment I’m also walking almost everywhere. but there are fuckers in a plane after me at the moment and it gets very frustrating being bombed every 5 minutes. I will need to take those fuckers out.


Oh wow I am not at the point of progress in any of the area where they are sending planes after me yet. I got a bit side tracked with fishing. The damn fishing mini game is actually really fun and relaxing. The game is so fast paced and constantly something happening, that I just took a break and went fishing.