Far Cry 6 - Yara Bruh

Far Cry 6 features Giancarlo Esposito and will be set in the war-torn world of Yara.
Available 18 February 2021.

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Official Site:

Comes in four flavours:


Only digital pre-orders for PC through Ubistore at the moment. Console links as and when.

just saw its also releasing on stadia, totally forgot that still exists

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The return of Vaas?


My list of hopes:

  • Less bullet spongy heavies. Headshots that matter more
  • Less crashes, actually how about none this time. FC5 was a joke
  • No more climbing towers. Seriously, tired of it
  • Enemy senses less bionic/supersonic/milliondollarman’ish, more human
  • Viable stealth only gameplay choices
  • Less constant mob spawns, when you’re just trying to take in the wonderful area design and environment.
  • Hardcore mode, with no hud, and difficulty balanced with that in mind

And how about a weapon catalogue that actually matters or that require some variety or diversity.


The cynic in me says, “Jammer om van jou kak te hoor”. The gamer in me hopes, “Game quality, stability, innovative gameplay might increase.”. Though the cynic replied immediately with, “Hou jou bek man, jy praat te veel.”


So has anyone been cash rich enough to go Far Crying for the Sixth time? Or are we all holding off for a maybe Holiday 2021 Sale special?

Current reviews are mixed positive to mediocre:

Metacritic @ 77

Opencritic @ 74%-Strong


PC Gamer @ 75


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I don’t follow critic scores, though I do watch and listen to opinions and make an informed decision. Regardless, I would love to get this as I have enjoyed the previous titles and more so the antagonists.

I look forward to it, one day.


@Tsar was downloading this.


I’m loving it. Its a far cry game. But looks really nice and shooting shit feels great.

Though I got it for free from amd rewards


Love this guy…

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