Fibre Internet connections

Ok so yay me, we can officially get some fibre, via MTN.

We used to have a monopoly via Smartvillage but they faded and folded. MTN bought them out and we can have access via Supersonic.

Anyone use them yet? Any feedback?

We are seriously considering signing up asap


I have no experience with Fibre yet, all I know is someone once said stay away from Cell companies for fibre.

We got an email last week that TT-Connect will be installing infrastructure throughout the building, don’t know when though. 11 floors might take them sometime. Had some provider from Fredd going door to door. We see how it develops.

At least we aren’t getting a closed network.


We have a 4 - 6 month wait for vuma and vodacom :frowning: So I have no choice

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Try avoid getting into a contract if possible so that you have the opportunity to jump over to Vuma at a later stage if MTN turns out to not be so great.

At the end of the day though any fibre is better than no fibre.

What speed are you looking at getting?


This is the package we are looking at. 20/20
so the parentals can stream showmax and all that jazz
its a month to month.

Im just worried - that 8m wont be enough to get into our house from where they put the stupid box in the front garden


I’m on Supersonic… Have been with them since the days of Smart Village. Smart Village -> MTN Fiber -> Supersonic. I have no issues with their service to be honest. I know people have complained before, but I have more uptime than people on other service providers and my speed is fast enough at between 40-50 Mbps.


Our problem wasnt Supersonic, I had issues with smart village - our area rep would not email you back or call you back. There was connection and payment issues

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Ah ok… I’ve really had none of those issues with them.

Because they had the monopoly here, it was the after service that was horrific. Service was non existent, people would phone smart village and be told they have no account there.

That is why I am sceptical

Never going to see fibre where I live, ever.

I applied for ADSL 11 years ago, still don’t have it.


We are apparently getting TT Connect but an article on mybb alerted me to the fact that they are terrible.

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