FIFA World Cup 2018

I don’t usually watch a lot of soccer but I always enjoy watching the World Cup. I figured we should have a thread where anyone interested can post discussion about the games.

Did anyone catch the Portugal vs. Spain game last night? It was definitely a cracker.

I feel bad for our African counterparts Egypt and Morocco - both were unfortunate to concede right at the end of their games. Egypt had done really well to hold of Uruguay and were deserving of a draw. And I’m sure the Moroccan player who headed the own goal must’ve felt awful, it happens but man it must suck to be that guy right now.

Who do you think is going to win?

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I don’t watch soccer but might watch a game or two.
I’ll support the African teams.
:earth_africa: :heart:

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I haven’t been able to watch a single game, maybe I can check one or two over the weekend.

Spain v Portugal was excellent, best match up of the Group Stages and a fair result, although on merit, Spain probably deserved a win. As petulant and whiny as CR is, he is incredibly and undeniably talented. That free kick of his to equalize at the end was a thing of beauty. That said, Spain are such a class act, they will go further than Portugal again this year.

Gutted for the own goal Moroccan - they should have won that game easily, but that’s the WC for you - the form book often ends up being irrelevant. Was naturally rooting for the Egyptians as well, but to be honest, I’ve never really liked their style of play. They tend to get a little too “professionally dramatic” when things aren’t going their way.

Hopefully Nigeria have a better opening match tonight and are able to keep the continental flag flying. Although Croatia aren’t going to be a pushover.

That’s probably the pick of today’s games, although France vs Australia (kick off in 30 minutes) could be interesting too.

Tomorrow has my pick to win the tournament Germany up against Mexico, which if you only get the chance to watch one match this weekend would be the one I’d watch.

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Oh, and in case any Super Brus weren’t aware, @Solitude has set up a MEW Superbru pool for the World Cup. Go join it:

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Thanks, I’ve decided to give it a try

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Started the tournament well, but things have been going downhill fast…

My last 6 Superbru results:

No major upsets yet (but there’s still a good few 3rd round group matches to go) but a lot of the big boy teams have had some close calls and near misses. Both Spain and Portugal came close to being eliminated at times last night in their games against Iran and Morocco. And the Germans need to seriously up their game if they are going to make the Final.

As for my Superbru predictions… a wing and a prayer for the rest of the week.

I don’t know whats happened, I used to watch as many games as I could but this year I’ve watched a grand total of 0 games.

I haven’t watched one game. Have been following the results however and it’s been an interesting tournament so far.

Lots of upsets. Japan came close to beating Belgium, it was actually a fantastic game!