Final Fantasy 7 Remake a timed exclusive after all

After the back-and-forth regarding whether or not the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a platform exclusive, the final box art design shows that it will be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 4 until 3 March 2021.

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Who’s played the original? And plans to sink that hindenburg of time into the remake? I’ll probably only watch a few let’s plays by who ever i can find, since time is the only thing money can’t buy.

The original had a ‘time played’ on the save file, I remember seeing mine go past 250 hours.
The remake is going to be a weird episodic thing, not sure how it will work exactly, since the game becomes open world at some point.
I’ve heard that it might be a in-depth dive into certain parts of the original game rather than a one-for-one remake. The whole remake might take place in Midgar only.

Either way, the combat looks siiiiick, can’t wait.

Never played the original. So very keen on this.
The only Final Fantasy I played was FF8 up till disc 4, which didn’t exist for me. But I absolutely loved that game. I smaak FF15, but one day when I’m big.

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