Fitness Q&A


Nope. Closest I get to fasting is fasted Cardio.

I am not a fan of these “tricks” and “short cuts” to trying to make drastic changes in your lifestyle or health. Especially if you are only doing it as a life stlye and not competing in something.

Everything you do should be effortless, maintainable and part of your daily routine. Otherwise it will feel like effort and a shlep. Then it won’t last very long. Which will result in 3 steps forward, 51 back.


There are more than enough free resources available online.
That is why I suggested the resistance bands back then to avoid any kind of impact on the back and joints way back


Training with weights and cardio vs tons of cardio? Diet is pretty healthy (cant so high impact as yet as i sprained my ankle last year)


Yea but I did forget to tell you my level of clumsy - ask @DieGrootHammer (gordyne)

I try my best to do it right but quite often bugger it up. But I am just waiting for payday then I will go get a few cheap bands for now. The other reason for a trainer is someone to keep me motivated and encouraged. Since I dont have anyone else to do it with.


There should definitely be a balance. That is one thin I struggle with. I HATE cardio with a passion.

People (especially woman) who think that they do not want to touch weights because they are scared they will get too muscular quickly and will look gross… It makes me laugh each time I hear that from someone. The amount of ignorance and lack of knowledge shines so bright at that moment!

If it were that easy then all men would look like huge menacing Orcs wandering the plains of the Lowveld.

Weight training (if used correctly) can be much more beneficial than just doing straight cardio. You can burn many more calories in the same amount of time as you would with steady state cardio.
And it has extra bonuses such as strengthening bones as an example.

But a balance is ideal though


Remember all these exercises and movements are things rarely done in ever day life. So your body will constantly be like “wtf” .
All your small stabilizing muscles will have to develop and a mind muscle connection will form, which is VERY important. Does not help you just go through the motions with 0 understanding of what is happening and why.


Awesome because thats what i am currently doing, love weight training as it makes me feel like im actually working my body, im doing low weight high reps, that should be good right?


For ladies yeah. but not too light. You should still feel the resistance and fatigued after each set.
Aim for ± 20 reps in succession for each set. 20th rep almost being failure


See that is what I am aiming for as well. I have always prefered weight and resistance training - waaaaaaaay back when I was in the gym I was on the machines more than on the treadmill, I miss rowing the most.

I have never been a runner/jogger - I will rather walk fast than run. I hated being forced to do athletics in school and was lucky enough to be able to do swimming.


I also prefer the Rower and stepper for cardio. If I jump on a treadmill it will be for something like incline “power” walking.


The fun thing I have learnt is under my flab, I still have stomach muscles - that when I tighten them is still there and rock hard. I am more flexible than I realised but once again the flab gets in the way. I actually enjoy most of the workouts I do - it’s my me time even if it is just 30mins a day. And yes that is my exercise time currently. But then what I don’t count as exercise is the time I am playing with Mika and his walk daily. That is just fun. I have learnt I am “walking” fit - if its a decent pace I can go for ages. Just dont make me jog - that is just something noone ever wants to see.


Yeah, everyone has abs. You have probably read or heard it somewhere.
Abs are made in the kitchen. And that is 100% true. Because with healthy eating is the only way to get them to the surface and visible.
Just keep at it!


I don’t consciously eat healthy; I keep a good amount of read meat, white meat, veggies (I love my veggies), carbs and starch. Much like the average person I guess eats on a daily basis, it’s costs a lot to eat healthily exclusively. I also perform exercises on a regular basis, be it cycling, walking, jogging or swimming.

Does this mean I am fit and or healthy?


Healthy will most likely only be determined be tests for cholesterol and such.

I would say being fit is how you feel while doing exercise.

That i just right off the top of my head and how I would describe it.

I guess it is all pretty relative though, and both probably need some kind of assessment to be done to determine.

To me, feeling good is the most important way to measure. Mentally and physically


Dear Flex

Thank you for being patient with us and my 100 questions :smiley:

We really do appreciate this thread and I for one am glad you did this.


It is a huge pleasure.

I know how it feels being insecure and not confident in your own skin. So i really do enjoy helping people achieve their own personal goals and be happy with how they look and feel.
And it is a bonus when it is a fellow gamer/geek.


I find a regular form of exercise is a good method of this. Was actually speaking someone last night about this exact thing. Exercise is an outlet for your mind and body to relieve stress and frustrations. You’d be amazed by how good you can feel just by doing to regular exercise a few times a week. Not to mention, is creates more oxygen in your blood stream and makes you feel better, and feeling better makes you feel better about yourself.

At least for me.


Very true. People under estimate the power of exercise way too often


can have the same feeling with a big ass bong


Why not a normal size ass bong?

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