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Can work as well…


Just a minor update, I got the light resistance band 2 weeks ago, did the exersisces with ease - watched a lot of vids to make sure Im doing it right - bonus is no sore back.

Decided that the light is to easy so I went and got the medium band from dischem yesterday.

Today I can barely walk! Im sore and stiff all over, but no sore back - knees struggled with squats tho.

But I am feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it today - thanks for the advice and tips @Flex. Im actually enjoying the resistance band workouts more than I figured I would.

Havent seen a huge difference yet but i can feel it. So thanks :smiley:


I am soooo glad! That is great news! Just keep at it now!


Hehehe not giving up, just not gonna do that daily untill my body hates me less - today I will do the stationary bike thing :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s awesome when you can find something that gels with you … :slight_smile:


Hey @Flex,

Awesome post bud.
I’m gonna take you up on your offer.
From Grade 9 -12 I was very fit, especially endurance and core strength. Never had a problem with prefects giving PT as a punishment.
I went from 74kg to 110 since I left school and back down to 95 over the last couple months just from eating correctly.
My problem is, from being so fit to incredibly unfit I battle to get started as I always chew off more than I can handle and I last two weeks and I am broken.
How can I ease into being functionally fit ( able to play touch without getting out of breath, pick up and carry objects etc)
Not looking for a program, just looking for a point in the right direction.
My eating habits are good again now that my wife and I just cook for ourselves.
Cheers man

P.S if you come across a guy called Jason Dunning in the body building world, tell him I say he’s small


Its awesome, its the first time in ages that Im this sore all over, and in a good way as well as no sore lower back


Muscle memory is an amazing thing. You will get into it much easier and quicker than someone that is totally new.

It is going to be difficult to change your mind set of going balls to the wall, as I am also like that. All or nothing!

Get aids to assist you in recovery. L-Glutamin and the likes of. Then you can push yourself and it will be more bearable.
Do not focus on the weight or what others think at all. Focus on form, range of motions and contractions. But I am sure you know all of that already.

Just suck it and and do it! :slight_smile:


If only you listened to me MONTHS ago already!!! =D


Thanks very much, I have moved away from a town with a gym so I am trying to do more cardio, mountain biking and hiking.
I have just bought a basic bench and weights but don’t have the space to set it up yet.
Once again good thread


Thanks bud.

Well if that is the case, you do not need much equipment hey. Take @Wyvern as an example.
Lots of HIIT Bodywheight exercise is amazing as well! Every now and again I host boot camps, and it even kills me every single time when I join in


Ja ja ek weet !

Im sorry :stuck_out_tongue: As stupid as it seems, I just literally scrapped the barrel to get the cheapest bands, but I wanna get ones with handles on so I can stop hitting myself when the rubber slips out of my hand :stuck_out_tongue:
But Im enjoying it - I just need to find nice videos now - cos some of those explanations on the site is a bit conflustering for me


Hey @Flex, great thread bud! I injured my back a few years ago, disc between L4 and L5 is completely dehydrated… Since then I have been trying to find something that I can do for Exercise that i enjoy, but everything i tried either hurt my back, or felt like a complete chore…

Then in December a mate of mine bought me Boxing lessons for my birthday… I thought the boxing would be rough on my back, but as it turns out, its been fantastic! im only really 4 months into it, but its so good to have something to look forward to as opposed to the hatred i harbor for the Gym…

Anyway, my question may be simple, but i recently got a heart rate monitor to earn some discovery points… Can you explain a bit about heart rates? Like what are you aiming for, whats a good resting heart rate, whats a good working out heart rate etc… Here is a screen shot of this mornings boxing session, any idea what the 15% fat burn percentage of cals is?

Also, im not sure if you are familiar with Polar, but the apps seem to insinuate that i should wear the heart rate monitor all day… is this correct? There is even a “sleep monitor” thing… or is this more for a different device than just the Heart rate monitor?


I have never personally been a huge fan of tracking heart rates, BUT it can be very beneficial indeed.
There are however LOTS of factors to take into consideration when doing calculation like fat burning. The exercise itself, the persons current state and and and.

Depending on what kind of program you are doing (HIIT, Steady State or others), they sometimes have a heart rate zone where you must get in and maintain for X amount of time, then either keep it there or get it down and then up again. That is what heart rate monitors are best for, not just checking results after the time, but for programs that actually utilize and work mainly on Heart Rate.

I would say a good resting heart rate is between 40 and 60 bpm.
As for wearing the thing the whole day, as I have never been a fan personally and personally do not use them I am not sure. Would make sense though.

I HATE putting numbers to everything I do fitness wise. Whether it is a distance I jog, row or cycle, how heavy I lift, Reps or sets.
I will have a guide line I set for myself, BUT I listen to my body. If I can do more, heavier or further I do it, if my body tells me to slow down and stop I do that. BUT note, this is when my BODY tells me, NOT my MIND.


My tip is to try sprinting up hills.


Was this tip for?


Easier running up hills afterwards.


I have to say I am a bit confused and lost. Probably due to the lack of quoting =D


For ice hockey, I really need to get my ankles up to snuff. I’ve got wide feet and narrow ankles, which makes my ice skates ill fitting in one or many areas. I ended up getting the widest ones available, which gives a bit too much volume around the ankles and heel, but they’re mostly comfortable.

Since I can’t afford to spend too much time on the ice, I have started doing some balance exercises, standing on one foot for 10+ seconds (yup, that’s all I’m up to, I want to get to 90 seconds per foot).

I also read about spelling the alphabet with your toes on the floor, and this actually makes my ankles really sore by half way through, so I hope I’m doing it right. I’m making the letters a little bigger than the size of my foot…

And, of course, calf raises…

Do you think I’m going about this right? Any advice?


Lots of the stuff you are doing sounds like rehabilitation kind of exercises, which can’t do any harm and can only benefit you.