Fitness Q&A


Considering the amount of times I’ve rolled my ankles, it kinda is rehab lol

Thanks :slight_smile:


Keep in mind as well that weight training strengthens bones and ligaments as well


Ya, I’ve slacked off the past year or so on that, so I’m back on a 5x5 to get back into things for the time being


My brother trained using a heart rate monitor for many years. It was the most affordable way and he got results (mountainbiking). He then got sponsored by a company that makes power metres and his training went through the roof. He eventually stopped long distance as he just could not crack the top 10 naturally and refused to dope. Turns out 6 of the top 10 where dopers.
In a nut shell, using a HRM made him conscious of what zone he was in and also could spot off days a mile away.

He now wears a Garmin all day, but doesnt pay attention to his HR that much at all.


Dude I do some exercises thanks to @flex with the resistance bands - that strengthen ankles - I have one very weak ankle and Ive been doing it a month and I feel the difference already.


Doping is in EVERY sport. People got busted for doping in curling!

But yeah, once you use the HR zones effectively it is amazing.
My dad has this bicycle trainer (which links up to a game), and he is now doing a program where it is all about power output, and he says it is absolutely amazing


Is that the exercise where you pull the resistance band with your toes?


With toes, and ankles - its really worth it. The band has given me so much more to do and no pain besides sore muscles


So is it good to have sore muscles or not?


Yeah, to a certain degree. As long as the lactic acid does not stay in your muscles.
It is called DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness).
What happens when you exercise and to allow muscles to grow is the muscles get very very small tears which causes the soreness. Your body then builds the muscle back up with proteins


I’d love one of those. Gordan Ramsay even has one


I was just busy watching a video where the DOMS is mentioned too. Funny how that works.


I have never really been a fan of running/jogging. Will do it every now and again for a challenge of some sort or if I really have to.
But I have been doing night trail runs lately, have only done 2 so far. And I am really enjoying it. The fact that it is not just running same thing over and over again on a warm open road. You have to keep your eye out, dodge rocks, trees and other stuff. So time flies by so quickly, before you know it you are done. At this stage I am taking it easy, doing it with my mom and keeping her motivated. Would actually like to see if I can take it a bit more serious at a later stage


With moving and all that is going on I am struggling to find the time to exercise regularly. Need to get back into it asap!
Going to the weekly night trail run tonight, which is always fun!


I’ve been slacking off lately, but I started back up yesterday. I still have a bit of a bruised rib, so I’m laying off the chest exercise for now.

My biggest problem is I can only really do weights Monday through Thursday, which doesn’t give the right recovery times.


Group the muscles up properly.

Ez Pz


Or don’t do exercise at all and get a tummy like i did while remaining skinny everywhere else.
its awesome!


Thanks, I might have to do just that.

Time to start replanning.


Just make sure to take into account which muscles assist when doing certain exercises. For example most chest triceps assist, and with back biceps assist.


So do my closed grip benches on chest day for example, right?