Fitness Q&A


Close grip bench if you are doing it correctly is mainly for triceps.


Ya, that’s what I mean. Since triceps assist most chest lifts, I should do them on the same day?

I need to focus a lot on tris because stick handling (hue hue) really takes its toll on them.


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my best concept of exercise :smiley: (if it doesn’t auto go there, start it at 1:12)


Well there are a few ways to go about it.
Either make sure there is a rest day between arms and chest or back.
OR you can do Chest+Tris and Back+Bis.

With the latter it would mean that you are basically pre exhausting the muscle that will be assisting. So your benches and big exercises will feel much more difficult


@flex - I fractured the lower femur and patella in my left knee in my late teens, and have never been able to put too much stress on it so running has never been an option for me. Instead, I try to spend at least 30 minutes on an exercise bike 3-4 times a week, just to keep some measure of fitness up. I have no ambitions to ride the Cape Argus or 94.7 or anything like that, just want to be able to climb a flight of stairs or two without passing out.

Something I’ve always wondered about: what’s the correct height for my exercise bike saddle? It’s a fairly standard upright with only height adjustment for the saddle - no forward/backward or pedal adjustments possible.

Also, any suggestions on stomach exercises to do while on the bike? I’d love to trim a couple of centimeter of belly fat off at the same time.


Should be hip height when you stand next to the bike as a rule of thumb. Your knee should be JUST before fully extended when your stroke as at the bottom.

There is no such thing as spot fat reduction unfortunately. Can do crunches till your are blue in your face, if your overall fat% is not low enough you will never see the abs


Thanks! Think I need to tweak it a bit.

Lol! Gave up on the idea of seeing my abs again years ago! Fortunately, the Missus still loves me even with the beer belly.

At least she says she does… :expressionless:


hahaha <3

If you do however want to do some ab exercises to strengthen your core, a quick 5 min routine after the cycle would work and double as a cool down/stretch sommer


Crunches and sit-ups?


Crunches yeah, situps nope. Leg Raises, ankle taps, double crunches, reverse crunches. So many things to do.

Another general rule. When you chest comes up or moves , the top section of your abs activate the most. When you legs move the lower part of your abs assist the most


If you hate yourself, do planks.


Planks aren’t too bad.

Try these if you really hate yourself:

Burpees onto a box
Weighted Squat jumps onto a box
Weighted Step ups


These will actually help a lot with the hockey… But I’m no where ready to attempt them at the moment.


Fortunately, I don’t hate myself.

That much.



Start small, work way up.


I dont hate myself, I just cant plank


I didn’t realise the difference between pullups and chinups was hand direction when griping.


Jup jup! And in general grip is also closer with chin ups.
Chinups utilize your biceps much more than pull ups


last week I started running because the last time I ran for anything was circa 2005. So I ran about 800meters to 1km without even a warm up or stretch and it was the worst thing Ive ever done with my life.

Im going to continue jogging when the pain subsides.


What exactly got hurt?