Fitness Q&A


my entire body but mostly my legs. Even my arms hurt wtf? :smiley:


Did you do a 1km bear crawl? =D


haha no that was at the end for the last 10 meters.

running is brutal.


You don’t have to swing them about wildly.


hahaha! Can just imagine!
A girl actually came running with the other day, and she looked like a chicken trying to take off the whole time


i bought myself a kettlebel this weekend. i will have a fabulous gluteus maximus come September, and maybe even some abs if im diligent enough


What weight did you get? Lots of uses for Kettlebels yeah.

Keep in mind when you ever do squats, the lower you go the more your glutes will assist.
Hip thrust are also excellent for glutes


i got an 8kg.

ja the hip thrusts you can feel working almost immediately.

im doing a 10 min(takes me way longer, cause im unfit and need breathers) kettlebell workout by this chick Amy on youtube.


Awesome! just keep at it!


Like this?



Same but different


Crossfit 2018 Regional Games on now. Even though I am not a crossfitter, is till love watching it


Some of these ladies are built amazing!!!



Damn!! Not too bad.


Ya, for sure! And she’s pretty good at climbing too!


Hot Damn! Those legs are insane!


Nee man

That aint pretty


For some people probably not. But I like it when a woman has muscle definition that is not vascular. Like above.
She is still VERY feminine (some slightly NSFW ).
I think I also know and appreciate how much effort it takes for a lady to have a physique like that.


I can see she is pretty, but for me, that is the same as stick figure girls. I like her lower legs and upper body, just not the thighs and ass - that just doesnt do it for me