Fitness Q&A


First time running in nearly two months today. It didn’t go too badly.


I’m proud to say that I’ve been going to the gym 3 times a week for the last month. Just doing the circuit every time.


Great @czc and @Solitude.

While we’re at it:
I started swimming 10 weeks ago and I’ve gone from “unable to properly drown” to being able to swim 1km in 30 minutes. Love the pool so much, can’t believe I’ve never tried this before!!


Swimming at a gym or where?
Swimming is excellent exercise! Wish I had a large Olympic pool close by that I can go swim in


In a gym, only 25m though, if it was longer I would’ve drowned by now.
It’s a 30km drive, 3 times per week…


Well done man! That is great


My left shoulder started feeling a bit sore yesterday or this morning, can’t even remember, it was a very vague pain.
I still went swimming this morning, and now I can barely use my left arm. Feels like a tendinitis (had it before on the right). Guess I"m off swimming for a couple of weeks to rest it :worried:

Might consider visiting an orthopod if resting pain not better within the next week. I’ve heard great stories about platelet-rich plasma injections. Do you know anything about it, @Flex?

Perfect time to focus on my running again, neglected it over the last 6-8 weeks. Will be interesting to see how my improved swimming fitness affects my running.

Also, the wife and I are going to buy mountain bikes next week. Went to the shop today to decide on what we want, they just need to be ordered. Really excited about this!


I do not know much about it, but I am not a fan of injecting stuff especially for recovery. Like when people use inject-able anti inflammatory.
One thing that I personally have tried that helps lots is a deep tissue message, warm epsom salt bath and STRETCHING.
One thing that sucks when you hurt your shoulder is that effects EVERYTHING else you train, even cycling :confused:

Goodluck though man and hope it heals up quickly


The Crossfit games are currently going in in the USofA. Stream can be watched on Facebook.


Went for a great swim this morning. No shoulder pain! I’m ecstatic! :smile: I only rested it, and drank 2 Brufen tablets when the pain started.

I should maybe see an OT or Biokineticist for my shoulder, to assist with strengthening exercises, maybe? Or I could just google “shoulder strengthening exercises and stretches”


I reckon you just need to do some exercises for your rotator cuff with light weights. I personally do 2 very easy exercises before I do shoulders.

  1. Keeping your elbow against your body arms down and forearms pointing forward at 90 degrees, rotate towards the outside and then back to the middle without moving your elbow
  2. The same motion and idea, but keeping your arms out the side. Elbow level with your shoulder, and rotate your hand all the way from a hanging position all the way up without moving your elbow .

Here are a few others


Great stuff! Thank you for this.


The exercises I was talking about look like the one top right . Shoulder -44


I might be joining a gym for the first time in my life.
Any tips?

I plan on just walking in there and lifting 10kg dumbells till muscle failure :smiley:


Don’t be one of those guys that just walks from one thing to the next, lifting up weights and swinging them around mindlessly.

Get a proper program to follow, and make sure you know the proper form for each exercise.

If you start with bad habbits and build on that, then you are going to struggle later down the line and might actually injure yourself


cool got it.
Any sites I should check out for gym newbs?


Yeah definitely. The best would be
They have great articles and programs.
The ideal would be to train with someone that knows what they are doing


When I started out, Stronglifts 5x5 worked wonders for me personally. It has a solid app for android (and I’m quite certain iOS as well) that tells you what weight to use, and if you fail too often, will automatically deload your weight. It gets you started light, so that you can work on your form (like Flex said, don’t get into bad habits). You’ll see a lot of progress quickly, as long as you’re eating properly (which is even more important than the exercise), which is good for your moral.

It is a beginners course, so after 6 months to a year, you’ll be ready to move on to bigger/better programs.


So everyone sticking to or starting their exercise again?

After many weeks of not being able to run 5km in less than 40 minutes I did it in 32 minutes yesterday.


I have been very bad i need to get going again just really struggling with motivation and depression