Fitness Q&A


@Hiro and I have started going to the gym. We have been doing a couple of group classes and focusing on cardio for now.

But my knee is rather sore after this week’s activities. Don’t know why, as I’ve never had any issues with my left knee. My right knee has given me problems in the past, but this is a first for lefty


Still on a 5x5 program, but the weight is getting challenging.

Might try and change it up soon… I’m gonna need to change from gaining strength to gaining explosiveness, especially in the legs.


Goodluck with your knee. Keep an eye on them. I injured my…left or right?..knee a few years back, was lucky to avert an operation by going to a biokineticist early and starting focused strengthening and stretching exercises.
Consider visiting one


Yeah thank will definitely keep an eye on it. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the gym so I just chalked it up to being unfit and out of shape. But it’s not getting better. And having knee problems is the worst. In high school during shot put practice I broke my patella from falling onto the block, which hurt like hell


My knee was smacked with a hockey stick so I know the knee feels.


Really missed @DieGrootHammer during today’s boxing session. didn’t have a GymBro to suffer along with me :slight_smile: hope your knee gets better soon dude.

Also, they need to expand the Rosebank gym. I wanted to hit the pool after workout, but the lanes already had 2-3 people each.


been gyming for a 5 weeks now, finished my first 4 week “break in” program and already have noticed a difference in body shape and strength.

I will upload my program to google drive and post the links if anyone is interested.

In my first week I was lifting 12kg dumbells 15 reps x3sets, now Im on 18kgs and feel I could prob up it in a week or so again.
Also benched 50Kg’s yesterday 10 x 3 sets, pretty freakin stoked with everything.

thanks to this thread for getting me started!


Did a HEAT class today and it was equal parts amazing/tortue :slight_smile: keen to give it another bash on Thursday


HEAT, or do you mean HIIT perhaps?

If HEAT, what exactly was it?






Half Energy, All Talk if it’s anything like the gym bros I know.

edit: Although in this case it’s probably a dose of autocorrect…


So we started the 28 day diet again this month, but then we started gym as well. And the two just don’t work together. One of them will have to go, and I think it will have to be the diet…


Why do you say that? What is the problem?


you barely eat on the 28 day diet. so you don’t really have a lot of energy to burn. gyming for an hour then going home to eat “1 vegetable” just isn’t sustainable


That is where something like a pre workout comes in and will help loads.

But I know that feeling. When prepping, only a few weeks out you would limit carbs badly and always feel pap when training.

Push past it, it is possible


but on a no fat, no sugar, low carb diet you are pap without having to gym…


Pre workout with help with that. Try go for a N.O pre workout instead of a creatine based one. Think it will work a bit better on such low calorie intake


I shall google these things and report back :smile:


this ok?