Fitness Q&A


Perfect. MW stuff is usually quite nice and well priced.

I just always avoid USN pre workouts and fat burners as they make me get red spots all over my skin.


ja it’s on special at Takealot for R159


Give it a try! Should help tons to get you energized and pumped for gym


I just always avoid USN. Period… :slight_smile:


I ended up getting this from one of the local supplement shops


Yho! That shit is gona make your face tingle!


hahahaha! I was hoping it would make my balls tingle too


So… How was the tingle?


fucking weird… doing it again tonight


Had a great swim this morning, but everyone and his friend is at the gym today.
First time I saw all lanes in the pool being used, people doubling up and people waiting for lanes.


I think I was the only person running today at 1PM. Its gotten hot again.


I can’t walk :expressionless:

Two days, three ice hockey matches… I counted that as my Monday gym day, but I might have to skip tomorrow too :frowning:


I actually felt stacks better after cutting out sugar and gluten (bread) and dairy… i craved it a boatload though but its much better now, cheese is the one thing i miss so damn much! i have lost 7kg(in 6 weeks) without going to the gym and on weekends i do eat some junk although in much much smaller quantities…


yeah it makes a huge difference. I lost a bout 15kg when we did the first 28 days in Feb



Ok, so i have opted to cut back on cardio and gym classes and focus instead of muscle/strength training. @Flex Any advice on PRE and POST workout supplements, or should i ignore those for now ?

Also, plotting 3 days a week. Whats a good schedule to focus on ? Say :

Day 1 : Chest and Triceps
Day 2 : Legs and Abs
Day 3 : Biceps and forearms



Depends on what your goals are, and what your current nutrition intake looks like.

I for one love a pre workout. Allows you to get so much more out of a gym session.
Post workout will just be a whey, unless you get more in detail and serious then you can get in more BCAA, L Glutamine and such.

That split will not work no. There is 0 back or shoulders. And no reason to train forearms dedicatedly unless you want to specifically focus on them.

3 Day split, something like a Upper Body, Lower Body and then Full body will be the best. Or even a push pull program


Dude… The absolute worst thing you can do in my opinion is cut back on the cardio and the gym classes (which are more cardio). Your main goal is to lost weight. Without Cardio thats going to be VERY difficult…


He needs to gets his food right to loose weight.


Not necessarily. You do require some balance yes. but a decent weight session burns much more calories than a Steady State cardio session of the same period of time.

When prepping for comps, I only use cardio as a tool to fine tune. but NOT as a main tool to drop BF at all.

AS czc said, food is king. No matter your goal