Fitness Q&A


Exercise is a terrible way to lose weight, that’s being done in the kitchen (like everyone else is saying)

Decided to give my training some direction, now I’m training for this:


i’m also watching what i eat and counting calories and making better food choices. no more daily binges of chocolates and chips


Not terrible, but should not be your main tool.
There needs to be a balance.

Goodluck with the training!


I had such a great swim tonight. My coach tried to kill me, but it was worth it. My arms are like jelly now.

I haven’t had a rest day since last week Monday, and I’m starting to feel it now. My run yesterday was 30 seconds/km slower than normal, my arms were dragging through the swim today, I’m so tired and felt like going to bed at 20h00, I’m ravenous and just want to stuff everything into my mouth.

I’m planning to take a rest day on Thursday, will just do a quick cycle-run brick tomorrow.

Time is ticking:


I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 4 weeks ago… Its honestly like nothing iv ever tried before… And its a completely different type of fitness… Anyone here ever tried it?


Where are you training?
I trained at an MMA gym for quite some time, where Jiu Jitsu was a big part of the training. Absolutely amazing yeah. The only thing I hate is that ALL those kinds of gym are so expensive and I do not get it


Im at a place in Kyalami called PHIT, they have a cross fit gym, and a whole MMA side, they mainly focus on the striking, mostly Mauy Tai based, the BJJ, and then conditioning…

I hear you about the price, but if you consider what you are getting i think its worth while… At PHIT its R850 per “module” and if you take more than 1 module you get it for cheaper, The main modules are, Jits, Striking, and conditioning/crossfit…

Iv been doing Boxing there since December last year, which has been great, and only recently decided to give the jits a go, but im really enjoying it…


Their initials tarting costs are NOTHING compared to a proper big gym.
Same with these pure cross fit gyms. Charging close to R1000 per month. I can’t justify that at all.

Same with all these endurance adventure races like warrior race.
Just keeps on getting more and more expensive.

My entry to race my bike on a proper track booked out for the whole day cost less.

They are making it so inaccessible that at this rate only the elite will be able to train at Crossfit/mma gyms and do those kind of races.


Are there any pullup bars that don’t look crap in an apartment?


The one I have bolted on at my gym looks pretty cool, nice thick black bars


I have this one:

Don’t think it looks bad, but for some reason my wife always takes it off and hide’s it when someone comes to visit…:thinking:


I am too scared to use those things.
The one at my gym is a heavy duty thing, bolted into the wall with 8 roll bolts


Physics for the win! Just make sure your door frame has a big enough edge away from the wall for it to hook on.
I’ve never had issues with it. But I just do plain pull-ups. Slowly. Not sure it will hold a crazy person


Once upon a time I could do that and more - parallel bars was my favourite apparatus when I did gymnastics


pictures wyvern doing a double arabian


yeah they do have a weight limit. 100kg iirc


In an effort to save on fuel costs I’ve started commuting to work. Though it’s only been a few weeks, I am feeling the difference already and losing weight. So far I have clocked almost 150km on the bike in October.

Here’s to a whole lot more…



I saw that, I hate you

I do not have the co ordination not to kill myself with the rope


Start small, hop over by “stepping” over at first and use a light rope that will not go as fast