Fitness Q&A


Dude you underestimate my clutz - I am THAT person - the one who falls up stairs, that trips over a twig, that hurts herself in the stupidest ways.

I have bruises all over and I have no idea how I got them :stuck_out_tongue:


Then something like skipping would benefit you the most. Improves co ordination and motor skills tremendously


Burpees for cardio?


If you want to go hardcore HIIT, then yeah it is amazing.



I think I’m realising that commuting via bicycle is a great way to get fit and strong. Though it seems like short sessions, I find myself constantly spinning in high end gears and pushing myself over certain sprint sections. Thus constantly feeling the burn from start to finish of commute.



mmmm… absolutely love this


What is it? Apple and crumbly stuff?


looks like outspap, caramel and apples.


Apple, Oats and peanut butter with pink salt.

Oats is not cooked on the stove. Just rested in boiling water for a few minutes


close enough :stuck_out_tongue:


See the oats is what I have issues with


Do not cook it and make it mushy. The way I do it, it still has texture


Nope na aah never, I don’t do cereals of any kind. Never did even as a kid. The peanut butter is my other issue, I am not a fan.

I have been having mixed fruit (half a frozen cup), with spinach, cucumber, low fat, sugar free greek yogurt and some crushed ice smoothies. And then cucumber and tomato salads for lunch


Hahahaha oats is not cereal =D


Won’t fruit give you a sugar spike?


the way my mum and gran made it, it was :stuck_out_tongue:


Its the only sugar I take in the morning


Apples? Nope nope. Some other fruits might yes. But then it also has to be quite a lot of fruit.