Fitness Q&A


Yea our fruitmix is normally watermelon, papaya, pears, peach, plums, pineapple and melon


Why so quiet in here … hows everyone’s routines and whatnot going?


I’ve only just started getting back into working out again. I’ve picked up major weight over the last 3 years, so it’s time for a change.

Starting slow, hitting the gym three times a week, and doing mostly cardio for around 40 mins. Once I’ve built up some fitness will move onto a mix of cardio and weights.

Diet-wise - cutting out sugar, upping vegetables and lean meats, and reducing carbs (sticking to wholegrain, and not with every meal. Not a diet, aiming for shifting my eating habits entirely.

Sad to say it’s not my first rodeo - I lost about 40kgs after I left high school (from weighing 120kgs), and enjoyed a mostly average-weight time in my 20s. But over the last 2 years (after a back injury doing YOGA of all things), I’ve got heavy again. Junk food did not help!

It’s definitely tougher this time around - when I get home from work I just want to relax. BUT HEY, we gotta do what we gotta do.


You’ll get back into it, especially if you’ve been through it before :wink:

Just getting to the end of my 2nd month (yep, started before Xmas like a crazy person) and only recently started feeling amazing overall. It def gets harder with age, should have done this in my 30’s already! My routine exercise wise Monday to Saturday is -

30min walk to the beach early morning
30mins on a punchbag midday’ish
45min walk to the beach with the dogs after 6pm
20mins weights after that

Never above 1800 cal a day, zero sugar or sweeteners, none of the harsh carbs and I do 18-6 IF all week every week. Took 6 weeks to get over being ratty and craving crap but it’s gone now so no reason to fall off the wagon


I restarted before Christmas as well. I run 5km a day, managed to do it non stop now. 20 Pull ups and 55 push ups. Been lazy to do squats though.

I think I transitioned from needing sugar a long time ago. I can randomly IF with no problem now. Did IF for 3 months at the beginning of last year though.

Thinking of doing OMAD for lent this year though.


Intermittent fasting is a concept i find very interesting, and would like to learn more about it if anyone has any articles to recommend? I was under the impression that you needed to fast for longer than 12 hours, but as i say i dont actually know that much about it…

Iv been back in the gym for 2 weeks now, doing Jiu Jitsu every morning. Moved to a new gym called fight fit militia, its much tougher than my previous gym, but hey, on the plus side iv been getting my 300 discovery points every day :rofl:


I have been on the intermittent fasting train for about 2 months now. I do the 16/8 protocol.

For me it is very tough as I used to eat every 3 hours. Results are great so far.

Will try find some of the articles I read for you


I managed to push through the holidays with my training, and picking up the pace the last 2 weeks, with about 6 hours of training per week. My swimming is really starting to improve.
I’m still a long way from doing 1.9km in June, but just need to persist!
Rest days are so critically important, at first I had to force myself to take them, but now I value them and I’m looking forward to starting strong after rest days.

Diet did suffer a bit over the holidays, with all the chocolate presents, beer, wine, etc. I only picked up 2kgs, but already lost 1kg. I’m not currently at a place where I can fast, as I’m basically always hungry. I feel like a hobbit, I need 2nd and 3rd breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, supper, seconds and then I look forward to breakfast…

In June, I’ll be racing for Ironman4thekidz. It keeps me motivated, knowing that I’m not just doing it to prove something to myself, but I’m doing it for charity :slightly_smiling_face:



I picked up a few kilos over the past two weeks with the road trips, but back on my program and strict eating.

Hockey season starting February so I really gotta get back in shape


Hmm, this should make for an interesting poll.

  • I gained weight over the holidays
  • I kept the same weight over the holidays
  • I lost weight over the holidays

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I lost weight during, but gained afterwards. (I snack a lot when I drive long distances, plus I came across a Krispy Kreme)


Where is my krispy kreme??

Why cant cape town have good things?

But then again its a good thing cos now I wont eat donuts


With your maple syrup :wink:

But ya, thankfully I don’t have a local one either or I’d be screwed


Obviously its mine!!!


Abuse of power!!!


So I have been playing around with the idea of IF. And thought I would try it out for a bit. Currently I have it split 18/6 during the week and then pretty normal routine over the weekend.

At first it was obviously hectic. I made my eating time from 5pm to 11pm. Obviously by 5pm I am ravenous. So I just decided to buy some better food. So I have a stockpile of bananas and other fruit. So when i get home and im extremely hungry, I eat a banana and an apple to hold me over until my wife gets home and we make food.

At the moment I am a bit scared that I am not eating properly. Since I am now basically on one meal a day plus a few fruit. The meal is normally chicken salad or some feta and spinach omelette.

In the 3 weeks since I have started the experiment I have lost about 9kgs. The next step will be to start the gym sessions again. (I normally avoid the gym in January since there are always massive influxes and it just becomes a chore to find the shit you need when you need it cause 40 other people are already waiting in line)

Will see how the gym goes early in the morning with the fasting for the whole day. I do not know how feasible it will be, so I might adjust the schedule a bit to make my eating block fit in after gym and then to skip the evening meals.

But i will see how it goes. I have to say i thought my body would protest more with the drastic change in habits, but so far it is going well. Will see how long it lasts.


I prefer the 16/8 protocol over the 18/6 protocol.
6 hours does not feel like enough time to get a few decent meals in to feed and replenish my body, especially when training.

If you are going to train while in a fasted state, id def recommend getting a low cal pre workout or even fat burner for the caffeine


I am very surprised that my body can survive so far with one meal a day. I thought i would feel a lot more shitty. I normally go with the feeling of my body will tell me when i abuse it. So far I have been feeling great but I am worried about the sustainability of it. There is so much shit to learn so I will keep reading up about everything.


Wait wait. Do you do 18/6 or OMAD?

And with this one meal, what are you eating?


I basically have just stopped eating during the day. I would say an average day for me would be 2-3 bananas and something like a smoked chicken salad with peppers, and rocket or baby spinach. The reason for the only one meal is that i feel satisfied by that. If I get extremely hungry during the day and I cannot hold it anymore, i will get some nuts or grab another banana.