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Be careful with that 1 meal a day. You still need your calories and macros in. Rather eat ±3 balanced meal through out your period where you are not fasting. Hence why I prefer the 16/8 protocol.

What you are doing is the OMAD (One meal a day). Which needs much more planning for that one meal that you are going to eat.


I can promise you zero planning has gone into this. It is purely out of convenience sake. Having to decide what to eat every day at work was becoming too much of a mission. So i just decided ok then i wont eat.


So more starving rather than fasting :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha ha. Pretty much. The other reason was also that most days i would get extremely busy at work and then i see its 4pm and then i would have lunch. Then go home and make food for the wife and eat again.

This shit is hard man. Too much shit to think about.


It helps to have a day of prepping and cooking for the week, really makes the IF easier. Usually Sunday I make all my pasta at once (WW cauli pasta, I mix the green and plain together, add 2 chicken breasts, mushrooms, peppers and coconut cream) and wham, that’s 4 dinners done. Make enough bran muffins with apple and cranberry to have 1 a day with a cup of black coffee. Boil 10 eggs (1 per day with the muffin and 3 spare for when I feel like some tuna, avo and egg). Also, buy a 4 pack of avo’s every week, can’t go wrong with avo’s.

Outside of that, if I really feel like something different, I have veggie viennas and veggie chicken burgers which are amazing which I can have with cauli or broccoli or spinach, etc. I’m very happy with my 2pm - 8pm window and what I eat I love :smiley: It can be done, just takes some planning and one day of work :wink:


Had an awesome back session yesterday!
Dead lifted more than I have in a very long time. 162 kg


crikey bru, I did a 100 on monday. The wave that hits you after the set though…

could hardly surf on tuesday.


That is also a lekker weight.
I can now almost deadlist 2.5 time my own body weight. That will be my goal for now


Im surprised, after being stuck at the same weight for a month, I somewhere lost 3kgs in one week - the one week where I hardly exersized as well just stuck with my eating plan. (we couldnt walk on monday since at 6pm it was still 35 degrees and the pool is a lovely shade of green, tuesday and wednesday I worked late and yesterday was the first walk we did and I sprained my ankle since Mika pulled me across the street after a yappie dog)

But somehow I lost 3kgs :smiley:

It seems that having my yoghurt and fruit smoothie for breakfast (8 - 9) and then lunch is a salad with some protein - normally cucumber and baby tomatoes and either tuna, chicken or roast beef. No salad dressing of any kind.

Dinner is a cooked meal with a side salad, lots of veg, a tiny portion of carbs
(altho when we eat pasta I just eat a bigger salad and smaller portion of pasta)


Had a smashing swim session this morning!

I’m in need of a new trainer for my cycling. Bought the cheapest magnetic trainer at sportsmans warehouse a few years ago.
Some intense Google-researching pointed towards a “fluid” trainer. Need to do some more reading though.

Less than 4 months to go, I’m at about 7 hours of training per week, 2 sessions per discipline. I need to increase that to 3 sessions per discipline. Wish I could hack my body to need less sleep.


Went for a Parkrun on Saturday. Quite a nice, cheerful atmosphere, but only the 3rd time we went in about a year. Some guy had a heart attack the first time I went, so, yeah, keeping my distance.

There were old ladies taking photo’s of me and posting it on facebook. The Horror!

Not suing them, since the photo’s made me realise I need to eat more food.
@Flex! Can I now eat all the cookies?


I had a bug fly into my eye while I was running. Man that was annoying. I walked home blinking hard and looking for it with my finger. So avoid swarms of bugs.


I coughed one up the other day during a run. I almost always run with sunglasses


I’ve stopped using my sunglasses even for driving. Trying to strengthen my eyes a bit.


Hmm. How does sunglasses weaken your eyes?


I think if you wear them all the time you don’t give your eyes the chance to adapt to different light conditions. But I haven’t searched for any papers on it so don’t take it as medical advice. Also don’t look directly into the sun, that would be bad. :slight_smile:


For those that want to try and join in just for the fun on your own

FFS Monthly Challenge




@Flex what is the challenge?


Ah sorry should have mentioned it.
It is in the description as well though

For Time

400m row
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats
10 Pushups
20 Burpees
30 Crunches