Fitness Q&A


is that what pops up when you try watch it?


Yep, it works on vleisboek tho


Ok I don’t have access to a rowing machine, and pushups and crunches kills my back - what else can I do


That is very strange, seems to work when I click on it for some reason


Eish if crunches and pushups hurt your back then you are 100% doing it wrong and need to work on strengthening your core and stop avoiding it 100% and do it bit by bit each day


How do you do pushups? Maybe start against a wall?


Yes on a bench doing it on an incline makes it easier. More stress on the core though if you have a bad core. Lady pushups would be best to start with


I have a crushed/almost non existent disk in my back, it causes sciatica - so I have been warned off from doing them. This was directly from my physio.

I weirdly (her words) have a strong core for someone as unfit as I am. We suspect its the years of training in gymnastics that gave it to me.

But the rest are doable for me. What else can I swop in?


Remember that there is a HUGE difference between crunches and situps. Crunches your back should hardly leave the floor.

Just easier versions of the exercises. Rowing you can replace any other cardio that you have. Treadmill or spinning


She doesnt want me to do the crunches specifically until I have lost a certain amount of weight to help the pressure on my back.

Its one of the things I asked her about - I didnt think of doing pushups against the wall - so will do those tho

And I do take the brat aka dog for a walk daily that we do about 2km up and down steep hills.


Ahh that makes sense. Better listen to them rather then yeah!

Can replace it then with any ab exercise, even lying leg raises if you want


She is busy designing exercises for me, but I don’t want to wait another week to start.


sjoh why the long wait?


She is very busy in the hours I can make it, aka after work. So she is doing me a favour by staying open an hour later next tuesday to fit me in after work


Any good meal prep ideas for lunches?




let me rephrase- 4 days worth of food prep ideas


do you have access to a fridge? Do you like smoothies?

Otherwise I have been making cucumber and tomato salads, alternating with chicken and tuna as a protein


I’m on leftovers. Always cook in 3s, always make extra, especially over weekends.
I went through a Smoothie phase, but it doesn’t last me very long. Also had salads at one point, but didn’t have enough variety, so now I’m allergic to salads :nauseated_face:


Cut chicken into cubes, spice with garlic salt, pepper, paprika, italian herbs. Fry it up. Put it on a layer of rice in several containers. Throw some veggies on top. Leave the containers in the fridge, toss 'em in the microwave when you’re ready to eat them.