Floor 796 (Pixel Art)

Do yourself a favour and go check this out, it’s pretty incredible:

Floor796 is an ever-expanding animation scene showing the life of the 796th floor of the huge space station! The goal of the project is to create as huge animation as possible, with many references to movies, games, anime and memes.

Most of the characters are clickable: you can find out what kind of character and follow the link to the source. Non-clickable characters are fictional.

The art and animation is superb and it’s amazing to see how many references to pop geek culture are included. The longer you spend looking the more amazing it is as you notice all the tiny details. Be sure to click on the recognisable characters if you’re unsure of what they refer to.


That is insanely impressive!! Wow :clap:t2:

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This is so cool. Me and my girlfriend spent like an hour going through everything and then when we realized you could click on the stuff for more info, we spent another hour.

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This is an amazing piece of work. The amount of detail not to mention all the references. Brilliantly done and thanks for sharing.

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