Food you take to work

What kind of foods do you take to work?
Normally I put in sandwiches and leftovers from the prev nights dinner.

Sandwitches normaly consists of.

Tomato.cheese,cucumber and black pepper.
A simple peanut butter and syrup sandw
sometimes sliced roast beef and tomato, mustard.


This is something I need to learn to do. I buy lunch everyday ranging from R50-R150. So obviously that adds up in a month.

It’s mainly leftovers, salads, sandwiches or some heat and eat meal.

I’ve found that Checkers sells these heat and eat meals 50% off when they are near the expiry date, so whenever I go to Checkers and I spot something I’d like to eat I just buy it and freeze it for whenever I feel like it.

I work from home, so whatever I can get from the fridge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I make a fruit smoothie for breakfast/lunch various frozen fruit, ice, flaxseed and yoghurt. And then I try to snack on granola, but still slip up and have a chocolate and chips every now and again - I also only drink water at work.

I take a fruit, which i eat when i get home :rofl:

Lunch time i go home and eat whatever i can find

Leftovers, or nothing. But then our canteen sells very decent food at very good prices, so it’s normally not necessary to bring anything.

I don’t take anything to work as I don’t even have lunch. I really need to change my day that I actually take a lunch break. I usually tend to move meetings or client visits close to home to the end of the day then just go home after and score the time back there.

Mostly leftovers. Like today I have the roast left over from Saturday.


So, for the first time in years, I got a packed lunch to work. I’ve been looking to buy a Reuben sandwich everywhere the pas couple of years, but only found 1 place that dropped it from their menu when I got there.

My loving wife decided to surprise me today with a home-made Reuben, packed in a lunch bag and all! Here it is, with a delicious cup of coffee to wash it down with:


Wow, must have been on the road when I missed this thread.

I usually take my breakfast with me in my gut to work, if I take anything usually… Sometimes I’ll munch a pepper off a plant as I walk by.

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