For those who like B A S S... guitar

A while back I came across a YouTube by a bass guitarist who goes by the channel name of Davie504 which blew me away:

Being an amateur bassist myself, I can really appreciate his skill. But on top of his amazing bass playing videos, he’s grown his channel in other ways, including some insane bass playing marathons that stretch into hours of playing. He would never speak in his videos but has since started doing so and he’s actually pretty funny. There’s a reason why he’s garnered about 3,87 million subscribers so far. I’ve enjoyed his content, check out his videos you may enjoy them too.


Bwhaha I just started watching his Fiver videos like 2 days ago.


What’s up, SLAPPERS!


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Haha, this guy is in my recommendations now.

Also that chick in the video I’ve seen her play before too.


I think everyone who’s googled bass solo’s on youtube has seen her cleavage

People like this make me sad that I’ll never get to that level…I need to start playing again, I used to be good :frowning:

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This guy’s presentation and editing are just amazing. Completely over the top.

What’s with the YouTube engagement stats in the top right corner? That some kind of inside joke?

All (well many anyway) creators seem to use either VidIQ or tubebuddy for extra stats.

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What’s up SLAPPERS!?

Anyone following this channel might have seen how Davie504 is boosting some of the channels of other bass players from his fiver videos.

Particularly this EPIC bass player. SLAP like NOW!