Fortnite v3.3 patch update notes

Finally sat down last night to enjoy a few games on the PS, loaded up Fortnite, saw it was busy with an update.
Aww, ok. Try playing game without updating. It can finish later. Nope, can’t activate network features without updating first. :confused:
Ok then, let’s just watch some YouTube while it finishes. It only had 15 minutes left.

After everything, enjoyed a couple of rounds before bedtime.

The update was about a 3 Gig update, so load it up to update before you go into any big battles.

The new update has a few fixes and the usual, but it has two new features added to the gameplay, namely Supply Llama and Remote Explosives.

Supply Llamas are self explanatory. Find a Llama, get supplies.


Remote Explosives explain themselves quite well also. Plant some C4 somewhere hidden, stand back, and remotely trigger it when somebody is near to it.

Playing the update yesterday I did actually find a Remote Explosive, but didn’t try it as someone graciously took it off my hands, with a rocket launcher! :grin:

No Llamas were seen, yet.

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That looks more like a supply pinata than a llama. It’s cute nevertheless though.

It would be a blast at a birthday party.

You both reminded me of this

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