Forza 2 Horizon will be removed from the Xbox Marketplace by 30 September 2018

According to Forza Motorsport the game will reach "end of life" status on 30 September 2018.

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called it


They’re removing it due to licencing agreements expiring, especially with the music tracks, same reason why the pgr series of titles are not BC on the Xbox one


Well with FH4 almost out and FH3 being bought by millions, there’s no real need to go back to the older games. Since getting FH3 I’ve never once gone back to play the older FH games. I suspect the same is going to happen when FH4 comes out.


im probably one of the few that still goes back to play the older ones, eg i still play forza 4 from time to time due to the fact that it has the fujimi kaido touge tracks , and on rare occasions go back to forza 3 cause it has was the last one with the new york tracks and the full rally the positano track (the forza 4 version is just a small section of it) same with forza 5 the prague track is slightly different in Forza 5 compared to the ones in 6 and 7 which is identical.

I still play FH 1, love it with the XB360 SpeedWheel.
I must get FH2 before it dissapears.