Forza 7- Race Club



Week 3 Challenge:

Lime Drive: Take a Sport Compact Icon for a spin on Lime Rock’s south chicane. (Find it in the same place as the last one - Divisions section of Rivals).

Nice selection of cars to use but the top of the Leaderboard is all 1990 Mazda MX-5’s. World Record is 58.8s! I’m going to be happy if I can get a sub 1:05s time personally.

Race on!


My body is ready.


Can everybody please post your latest time for the 2nd challenge on here so that I can updates scores, as it seems the Leader board JUST on that challenge is not working


I think that 1:24:912 is still the best I could muster. I always mess up one corner or the other. Could never do decently on all corners.


I did a 1:19:123…I am Flash Gordon!!!

Urgh I wish. I’ll have to get my full time, but last I saw it was a 1:23 something. I’ll get the full time tonight.


For a moment I was like wow wtf =D


I think we need to have a (Most) epic battle of the quicks. @Flex vs @Entity, the two current fastest challengers from each racing MEW challenge. Meet on mutual ground, something like Project Cars in an epic battle of THE FASTEST MEWB


I am in for that! Project cars is one of my favorites.
@Entity where are you located? My brother has a full racing sim setup


I did a 1:24.574 as per that last leaderboard screenshot you posted.


And my surname is Gordon… and yet…


Haha, never played Project Cars. I don’t want to race for a title. I race to enjoy a game and relax :slight_smile:


Even just for the fun. My bro used to have a Lap time board up like on Top gear/ Grand Tour which was awesome


Forza is only on Windows 10, that’s me out.

Project cars is still a bit much for me. Rain check…


Mine never changed from the 1:25.530 in your screenshot (But only because I couldnt get back into it to improve - that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it :smiley:.)


So, I’ve been playing around with Excel lately to find stuff for students to do and built a score tracking sheet using the challenge here as a base. Landed up being pretty nifty. It works by entering the end times for each Challenge, then ranks the times and allocates the appropriate points, then totals the points for all the Challenges to date, and re-ranks everyone on that total to track the Championship.

Converted it to a Google Sheet, and made adjustments to it so that it works online there. Am happy to carry on using it to track things for the race club, or equally happy to pass edit permissions on to the Race Director if he wants to use it.

It are here if you want to have a look:


Wow that is awesome man!!!
Would you be willing to update it and keep track? I will assist if need be. But that is an awesome sheet!


This is a very nice track/car combo. I felt the best with the Nissan Sylvia (I think that was its name), as I struggle with the MX5 if I do not have stability control on


Thanks. Happy to keep it updated as long as all the drivers are happy to keep an eye on their times as well - I have notoriously fat fingers and frequently mistype :grin:


Dude that is an awesome sheet! Also we are tied… I need to fix this XD


Right my time is in. Flex’s ghost is more infuriating that any time I’ve ever spent with a single game. Fuck that thing. I hate the fact that in the same car you can break much better and later than I can. If I try and break with you, I lock up. Fuck this game so much. Urgh.