Forza Motorsport

How many of you guys have Forza 7. Want to start another Race club like we had on MyG. Where people take turn picking the vehicle and track and we have a week to try set the fastest lap possible.

Who’s in?


Thanks for @Entity for the cool edited pics! <3

Same template will be used for keeping score.

Thanks @DieGrootHammer for giving access


That’s great that you are starting this up again @Flex. I will play with.


Too bad Forza isn’t on PS :frowning:

Easy solution for that problem :stuck_out_tongue:

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I should try find a PS driving game we can do the same with.

Nope nope, that is not the correct solution

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Haha :smiley:

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I’m sure I can join in, a week is a good time frame.


Don’t own it, unfortunately. So will give this one a skip :slight_smile:

As much as I would love too, I dont own it or a console :stuck_out_tongue:

All these excuses coming in!

Are you donating a console and the game to me?!?! If it was on PC i would try to scrape up the cash to play along



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GG WP! No Excuses anymore!

Also thanks for restarting this Flex. I’m definitely in for some laps.

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Who was so damn quick last year? It was myself and another fella that was constantly battling it out. Then I gave up trying to beat him! =D

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if it was any other forza i would have joined since i own them all except 7 (awaits a big special first)

Ok I will start saving for it :slight_smile:

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So not many of us.


And myself.
I will start it off and choose a car and track tonight.
Had 0 power the whole weekend. And game is still busy updating, should be done when I get home I hope


If you want more people, find the thread at MyGaming and invite all those people. I can maybe do it tonight if you also don’t have time.