Forza 7- Race Club



Alrighty will do. Can I do it later when I get home? Around 7.


Fekkin’ ludicrously tough! Managed to squeeze a few minutes in last night just so that I could post at least a clean lap. Lasted about 10 laps before quitting.

Screenied the times as I finished and used them to update the Championship Results Table.
(If anyone posted an improved time after 9pm last night, please let me know.)

Here’s the Championship Standings then after Round 4:

And for reference, the Challenge results times that I used:


Thanks Greg!
The race is on for me to catch up lol! :laughing:


Did you not join in late as well with Forza 6 on MyGaming?


I did indeed! So fully my fault! Its usual thing for me, never on time haha!
I guess I’ll just have to divide my points by challenge count to keep myself happy :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I remembered you crushed me when you came in last time as well. Was never able to catch up to you!


Seems legit


I really do enjoy setting lap times.
Invariably if you can push for pole, it is easier to hold first in a race. It is one thing that is lacking in Gran Turismo (Qualifying). Otherwise I’d be on the blue side of life hehe.


Alright since the pickings are getting slim, and no one did this one yet, lets do the Sports GT Selection under the Division section. Basically the only track there that we did not do yet. Track is Monza which I think should be good.

Edit: I take that back, chikanes are from the devil. I set my first crappy time of 02:00:892 first and only time I’ll be in first place :stuck_out_tongue:



I’d like in on this, I’ve requested an invitation to the group via the Xbox app, thanks


He’s already crushed my bad time.


Welcome to MEW @Pynoxim. I’ve invited you to the club as well. Come tell us about your lap often here.


Thanks @DieGrootHammer, I posted a time last night of 1:53:590. My username on Xbox is OneTimeGoblin81


Daaammmnn… that’s a good time. Things are really heating up now competitive wise. I haven’t seen the leaderboard this week. I’ll have to go defend my position it looks like. My last time was just below 1:53.


Also, what car is everyone driving?

I started out with the Noble, looking for that top speed for those long Monza straights. But I ended up with much better times in the Ferrari 488.


I invited him because I knew he could do some good laptimes. Not helping my own cause but keeps the competition going I guess. I just did one run in the GT3 RS. I’ll make some time soon to have a few laps again.


I haven’t even looked at this yet. Hopefully will have a chance next week


@DieGrootHammer I actually started off with the Honda NSX Forza Edition, and then did my rounds trying every other car ever. I had the most fun in the 430 Scuderia and made my best time with the 570S. I’ll do a few more laps this evening to see if I can’t best my time yesterday. I’m right behind you with regards to time but I can’t beat your time.


Wow, so you’ve tried all the cars in the challenge. That’s a lot of laps around a long circuit. I should give the other cars a try as well, but at the moment I really enjoyed the 488 GTB.


I’ve actually been away from the game for a long time, I’m only level 10. I bought the game and had to stop playing it as my laptop broke, so yesterday I decided to just play for a small amount of time which ended up being like 4 hours lol. I’m having fun with this challenge