FPB Video Game Classifications and Bans

Let me start by saying this makes me so angry so unbelievably angry , that public servants decide they get to conclude whats good for an adult infuriates me.

I wonder if this is why we cant pre-order borderlands 3 yet , I have a few other things to say but let me leave the floor open for now and see what everyone else thinks


It makes me angry too @Pr0fPyr0!

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My question is how do they determine these things?

For example:

Other elements to be considered in games include criminal techniques that are detailed enough to be instructional, substance abuse, and the use of language that is prejudicial to certain groups.

I very much doubt they play through the game to determine whether the ‘criminal techniques’ used are instructional.

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I’m going to guess and say if it makes news headlines they will ban or classify, you know like if
we see prince Harry is saying fortnite is bad and we google and see all the parents complaining about not being able to raise their children, or If I have a specific religious view the new Doom could be banned because I heard about how evil it is and i’m protecting the children even though they shouldn’t be playing it.

Then again a few years ago I really wanted to get castlevania lord of shadows and couldn’t buy it on Steam because It never got classified by the FPB, It would be good to know how they do this @SIGSTART maybe you can talk to some people and get a article up about how the FPB works on game classification would make for a good read.


I did an article about this for MyBroadband a few months ago, but maybe it would be cool to have a different/streamlined one on MEW?

Another frustration with the FPB is that their slow-going is making it so we don’t have the good YouTube Originals available in South Africa yet.

Google is waiting for their stuff to get classified before enabling them.

I see from the February 2019 Classification Decisions document that several Mind Field season 2 episodes have been classified, but there are still a tonne to go before the whole series is done.

Here’s the article I did on YouTube Originals not being available in South Africa yet:

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Cool thanks man, I missed that article somewhere along the line definitely would have read it.

I think an interesting angle would be to see if they are unbiased or attempt to be unbiased at least,even though its three people reviewing material I could see how it easily could still fall prey to this, realistically I assume if people are reviewing the content using guidelines they probably just do a copy paste of whats already provided because it to much overhead to regulate everything in reality and its more about money than regulation unless they receive complaints ?

Looking at their track record, I think it’s fair to say that for “ordinary” content the classifications process is fairly mundane. Basic age-restrictions to help parents make decisions about what they should allow their kids to play and watch.

It’s only with politically- or culturally-charged content (The Spear, The Wound) that their censorial tendencies rear their heads.

A friend of mine brought my attention that a revised version of the bill is open for comment until the 17 August 2020.

Sorry for the bump but I think this is important.


I hate the FPB.


They held a conference at my last job. I wanted to go around with my GTA 5 case and ask to get signatures or something


The FPB is one of our customers and once a year or so they send people for training. Hard not to go puncture their tyre or something.


Can’t you put subliminal messages in your presentation?


Ooh! Now I want to guess the company you work for :P. Do you work on their online system for submitting content securely?


Haha no, we do financial stuff. They use our fixed assets program.


NAG wrote an article on it. It appears the deadline to submit a comment is the 3rd of Aug, not the 17th as I previously thought.


I sent them an email now.