Freja and the False Prophecy


A new studio, up and running since January 2018, called Unsigned Double Collective, based in Cape Town, South Africa, have been very busy developing this beautiful game. (Currently PC release only)

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Frank here, one of the developers on Freja. A quick update to shout out our Kickstarter campaign for the game is LIVE!

Check it out here: Freja and the False Prophecy

We have a full length trailer, short playable demo to give you a taste of the game, and many awesome rewards on offer!

All contributions or sharing of the campaign is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Fantastic pitch Frank (@gl1tchy)! Very happy to add my name to your backers based purely on your Kickstarter page. And am keen to download and check out the demo as soon as those nice folk over at Megawatt Park decide to turn our electricity back on.
Good luck with the campaign - here’s hoping your goals are reached and exceeded. I mean, who wouldn’t want Epic Cinematics?!


Looks right up my alley. Will give the demo a go and post my thoughts here.



Welcome to MEW! Thanks for the update!


Hey guys and girls!

Thanks for the kind words and support! So quick update on the campaign. We’ve passed the half way point in time and sitting on 56% funded, so we’re on track to make our target, but it’s going to be close! We’re also up against the unpredictability of this time of year and general disruption of people’s lives during the holiday period (something we probably should have better factored in before launch, but live and learn…). I would like to make an appeal for any contribution (even as small $1 show’s backer support and increases visibility on Kickstarter) or to share the campaign with family, friends, peers or anyone you know who might be interested in our game. Every effort brings us one step closer!

Hope you all have a fantastic festive season!

Best wishes,


Interesting play through of the demo (still available on the projects’ Kickstarter page) with commentary from the developer team.

Personally, I really like these sort of behind-the-scenes insights into the way game devs go about creating the worlds we get lost in.


That’s weird. I missed this completely. Will have a look tonight.


Greetings Epic Winners!

We’re in the final stretch of the campaign with just over 50 hours to go! At 78% funded of our $22 000 target and over 500 backers it’s too close to call at this point!

Unfortunately we also found ourselves on the end of someone’s practical joke. Had a backer put in $2000 to work with us to create his own boss fight in the game. He then pulled his pledge on Christmas, put it back a few days later, and then pulled it out again. But that’s in the past and it’s the next 50 hours that really matters.

We have what we believe is going to be a fantastic game. If you haven’t already we invite you to check out the Kickstarter and play the demo for yourselves. We’re committed to making this thing happen. We have an excited community behind us and we want to share the development process with them. There is a chance we won’t make it this time and if that’s the case we will be back soon. But if you see the potential we do, and want to be part of something awesome, we’d love to invite you with us for the ride!


Seconded! Fantastic KS pitch page, and the newly updated Demo with voiceovers is an excellent intro. Pretty sure you can download and try the demo without being a backer, right @gl1tchy?


Absolutely! We want you to try it for yourself before making any commitments! :slight_smile:


Really sorry to hear that happened, not cool at all. I didn’t think you could take back your pledges on Kickstarter.

On the positive side, I gave the demo a go and enjoyed it. It’s short but gives you a nice idea of what the game involves. One area that really shone for me was the fights against the larger enemies, the troll and the boss battle at the end. The combat really comes into its own then.

For what it’s worth I’ll place my pledge - I hope you guys reach your goal!


Congrats to @gl1tchy and the team. Freja and the False Prophecy has reached its Kickstarter goal.


That’s a fantastic achievement considering the game was about $2000 away from being funded at 15 hours to go, glad the backers pulled through for you guys! Well done @gl1tchy

I’m also happy that I got in my pledge, looking forward to when the game finally ships.


Thanks guys! What a crazy month it’s been, touch and go right up until the nail-biting final hours! We’re over the moon right now, and can’t wait to get back to work and deliver this game!

Happy new year everyone, hope your 2019 is off to as exciting a start as ours!