Freja and the False Prophecy


A new studio, up and running since January 2018, called Unsigned Double Collective, based in Cape Town, South Africa, have been very busy developing this beautiful game. (Currently PC release only)

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Frank here, one of the developers on Freja. A quick update to shout out our Kickstarter campaign for the game is LIVE!

Check it out here: Freja and the False Prophecy

We have a full length trailer, short playable demo to give you a taste of the game, and many awesome rewards on offer!

All contributions or sharing of the campaign is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Fantastic pitch Frank (@gl1tchy)! Very happy to add my name to your backers based purely on your Kickstarter page. And am keen to download and check out the demo as soon as those nice folk over at Megawatt Park decide to turn our electricity back on.
Good luck with the campaign - here’s hoping your goals are reached and exceeded. I mean, who wouldn’t want Epic Cinematics?!


Looks right up my alley. Will give the demo a go and post my thoughts here.



Welcome to MEW! Thanks for the update!