Frontier Developments & F1 Sign Multi-Year Management Game Licence

Frontier signs a multi-year game licence with Formula 1®

  • Multi-year exclusive rights to develop and publish F1 management games for PC and console platforms
  • Four F1 games with the first launch for the 2022 F1 season
  • Releases will be worldwide and on multiple platforms

Under the terms of the Licence, Frontier has exclusive rights to develop and publish F1 management games worldwide for PC and console platforms, together with the rights for streaming services, with the first game expected to release for the 2022 F1 season. The Licence provides Frontier with the rights for four F1 seasons (2022 to 2025 inclusive), subject to the achievement of certain financial performance thresholds.

Frontier has extensive experience of developing deeply engaging, high-fidelity simulation games which also achieve widespread global adoption. The partnership with F1 creates an exciting opportunity to bring together Frontier’s experience and capability, including its powerful and versatile Cobra game engine, to the management-rich environment of the globally popular and ever-changing world of F1.

Full Statement/Release

Formula 1. Management games. High-fidelity simulation games. I like these phrases individually. I really, really, really like them a lot when they’re all used together!

Motorsport Manager scratches the itch to some degree, but we haven’t really had a proper Formula 1 management game since Microprose’s Grand Prix Manager and GPM2 in the late 1990s. It’s about time we get a new one. Just wish they’d timed it a little better to coincide with the big changes in F1 from 2021.


As a big Frontier Dev fan, this intrigues me very much. The level and depth of their sim titles is just insane.


Agree 100%! Just grumpy as heck now that I know about it but have to wait 2 looong years for a release. :neutral_face:


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