Game server

Greetings guys.

I wanted to know if anyone here knows of a good local game host server. A friend and I want to host a Space engineer server the last one we hosted was so bad and lagged 70% of the time they said it was local but it was not. Does anyone here host a server or a good idea on what i can do .

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Have you looked at I remember them from when Battlefield or CoD went with them.

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Yup, also used for a few minecraft servers. They worked well for what we needed.

Edit. I see you can get a cape town based one for 8 players for ~R120 a month from them.

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yea they are the server hosts we used but it was hard to play on. The lag was crazy I reset the server location multiple times. When I asked what the issue was they just told me i needed to get my ISP to route me to the server. This was a big issue because we had 6 people playing on it and could not have them all ask the ISP to fix it. All 6 players lagged alot. Sometimes with just 3 people on the server

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Ah ok. That’s unfortunate to hear.

Is it possible for one of the players to host the server themselves?

thats what we are doing now but they guy to be online in order for the others to be able to join