[GameClub] Game 7 Nominations



Luckily, the entire Season 1 of Hitman was given away free on the Xbone :slight_smile:


Blame @czc for that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


What sorcery is this!? I expected Oxygen Not Included to lead 20-1 based by the activity on it’s thread…!!



I guess people are all oxygened out.


I don’t have it :frowning:


I don’t own it either.


Ahem. *Pre-Sequel :stuck_out_tongue:


A moment of tiredness made me misspell.

/falls on sword



You’ll get the sword all bloody.


THE sword? It’s MY sword. A samurai doesn’t share his deord, he’s got a life-long bond with it.


So falling on it is a way to end that? :slight_smile:


No, you get buried skewered on it.


Mmmmm, skewers


When does voting close on this?


2 days according to the poll.


I’m glad to see Hitman in the lead, and glad the forum has some sense to pick the game. I can’t wait to play it in the new year


I’m still hoping for Borderlands: The Prequel to comeback.


I’d actually love to play that again as well. There’s always next GameClub if it doesn’t cut it his time.


The winning game is Hitman Season 1! Will create a thread for it sometime today.


Cool. Will start the download