[GameClub] Game 7 Nominations



I will reiterate…you should not be allowed to get the badge if you don’t get SA rating for every mission. Otherwise you’re just playing thugman running around killing everyone, not hitman.

whos with me!! :smiley:


I’m sure that previously I could edit my vote but it doesn’t seem to give the ability now. I don’t know if I missed the option when I created the poll.


…wait …there’s a badge???


Don’t we get badges or some kind of “achievement” for completting gameclub games?

I’m saying you havent finished hitman if you didnt finish it properly :smiley:


that was a thing on MyG but not on MEW afaik…


r/gatekeeping much…

That’s the beauty of Hitman, you can play and complete the game JUST AS YOU WANT. Either as the silent assassin or a brutal mercenary. The game can be finished either way and it makes it possible for anyone to play just as they want. And then more people have fun and play this amazing game.



you have to click “Hide results” then you can change it


shhhh… no. my style is the only style!

Don’t come here with your logic, reason and positive attitude. there is no place for you on the internet!


Um there’s badges here but I don’t know if @SIGSTART have made any for the Game Club ones. I can too probably.

So there’s future badges for champions.


I demand a Destiny badge!


Indeed, I have promised badges. I’ll look into the specs/resolutions and details on how to add and award custom badges over December.


Yeah.!!! Vote Hitman for first Gameclub of 2019!!


I voted for the obvious, plus Borderlands - prequel. I don’t have it, but it is on sale on PS until the 21st, so if it wins, I might be able to get it…


Coincidentally Hitman is on special on PS4 for quite a good price

so, oh no, damn finger slipped again!..



That is a helluva discount.


Too bad I have no interest in the series in general…


I voted for Black Mesa as it has been on my to-do list for a while, but I’ve been waiting for it to be completed. While I support Hitman, I might want to play it this weekend already, but want to give it a try on the new Hitman 2 engine and see if there are any differences.


Excellent deal!

It’s still at R596 on Steam, but there is a possibility for a drop during the Steam Winter Sale to help push Hitman 2?


On XBox, it’s still listed at full price (R799) which is a bit rich.

However, the game is in the XBox Game Pass library at the moment. Unfortunately not a Play Anywhere title, but if you have an XBox you can still get a month intro to Game Pass for R5, and that’s probably the cheapest option by far :grinning:


Wasn’t it made available for free recently? I distinctly remember claiming a free copy thereof…


Oh, and maybe a small correction: It’s actually Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal.