Gaming Big Bucks: the most expensive games currently available

We’ve all complained about how expensive games have gotten over the years. The latest games all release with a retail price of at least R900 in SA for either PC or console. That is if we don’t get any special regional pricing. But these are small fry prices to pay for game. Imagine you had all the money in the world, and you wanted to splurge it all on games, what do you spend it on? Well, I found some of the craziest prices that you can spend on games.

Let’s start off with just normal games. Microsoft Flight Simulator currently retails at over R1000, with the Premium Deluxe Edition costing a whopping R1900 for the game. This is rather crazy to spend on a single game, but allow me to prove that is small change.

Here is a version of PUBG, a game you can get for less then R200 on Steam, with a bunch of microtransaction coins which will set you back an eyewatering R6559. FOR PUBG?!?!

Even that is not the most expensive single game I found. The realm of VR has some really expensive “games” which I’m sure people will more see as scams as actual products. The most preposterously priced game I’ve even seen is Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience, coming in at an unbelievable R17 000. Like what the actual hell??

Expensive game prices are not only reserved to single games, and DLC’s available for some games can really tick up the price if you plan on buying all the available content for a game.

The first one, which a lot of MEW games will know of, is iRacing. To play iRacing, you will need to pay $15 per month to access the simulator. After paying that, each car and track you want to race with or on, will cost you an additional $11 or $15 per car and track. So to buy all the iRacing content, plus play the game for 2 years, will cost you R21 303,78.

But I can do better. DCS: Digital Combat Simulator is currently seem as the most accurate and most realistic combat plane simulator in the world. The base game is actually free to play, but if you want to buy planes, be prepared to pay up to R1000 per plane or map. So to buy all the content for DCS will come in at R48 427.09.

But the worst offender of total DLC cost goes to Train Simulator 2021, where you will find hundreds, if not thousands of different DLC’s you can buy for the base game. Train Simulator is actually rather cheap to buy, but add all the DLC’s currently available, and be prepared to pay over R200 000!! For one game and all it’s content.

What is the most you’ve ever paid for a single game? And do you think you’re going to buy any of these cost-effective bargains listed above?


I think Star Citizen might even trump Train Simulator 2021 for the most expensive.

/checks stats

Yep, in Star Citizen you can spend $3000 (R42 500) on ONE ship!

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Don’t think I’ve spent much more than R1000 on a game ever. Some of those prices are crazy, and Train Simulator… wow, so unassuming. Little train game.

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Train Simulator is anything but a “little train game” — along with Train Sim World, I believe both are made by the same devs and some of the best in the simulation market. Yes, their model may seem a bit egregious but they aren’t exactly selling cosmetics. The models are rendered with amazing attention to detail, not just the trains but the routes too, and they mimic so much of their real-world counterparts. From riding the Deutsche Bahn in Germany and I am able to faithfully relive that memory and experience it again through that of a virtual experience.

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/end thread :smiley:

$1million for saints row 4 super dangerous wad wad edition.

EDIT: yes im aware you say currently available…I’m not gonna let small details like that stop me from being a smartass


My bad. Apologies for my wording. Seems I hit a nerve.

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haha not at all bud, my apologies if my response came across in that manner, it was by no means my intention.

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